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Can My Social Media Activity Affect My Pending New Jersey Divorce?If you have a smartphone and are currently considering or undergoing a separation, divorce, or the dissolution of a civil union, it’s important to start exercising discretion when posting on your favorite app or social media channel. The platform you may use to share your new outfit, thoughts, or feelings with family or relatives, a recent night out, or introduce a new love interest can impact the outcome of your child custody, alimony, child support, or distribution of marital assets.

Not only can one’s location and GPS data be tracked, but social media searches and digital information can also be subpoenaed, studied, and produce a treasure trove of information that can be used by and against litigants during litigation or in settlement negotiations.  Even destroying one’s digital footprint or data might make the Court suspect proof of bad or questionable behavior. Whether it’s evidence of a sexual, emotional, or financial indiscretion or even hidden assets, this could be a particularly sensitive issue when kids are involved.

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5 Social Media Tips if You’re Planning to Divorce in Sea Girt, NJ

  • Change your passwords
  • Block your soon to be ex-partner or spouse on the social media channels you use
  • Change Privacy Settings for these social media platforms
  • Stop using shared services or tracking apps (i.e., social media profiles, Netflix, Facebook, Apple iCloud accounts,, Find My Friends, etc)
  • Transfer passwords, credit card info, tax returns, browsing history from shared tablets, computers, or cellphones to a separate device or create a SEPARATE password to protect your account information
  • Remove photos or content of an “intimate” or personal nature from shared devices, to prevent improper use or abuse of it by the other party

6 Ways to Be Social Media Savvy, Curate Your Content & Limit Your Digital Footprint During Your Ocean County, NJ Divorce

  • 5 Social Media Tips if You’re Planning to Divorce in Sea Girt, NJDon’t spy on your ex through social media, regardless of your intent. Your healthy curiosity could negatively affect a child custody outcome or result in you being accused of stalking or harassment.
  • Don’t respond to negative comments or posts from your ex, your in-laws, or people formerly in that social circle. Escalation of negative posts could reflect negatively upon you and the ability to prevent confrontation or accusations of parental alienation.
  • Don’t write suggestive texts or post suggestive pictures of yourself or a new partner.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be tagged in other people’s posts, no matter how innocent that person’s intent
  • Don’t post about recent gifts or upload pictures of recent purchases as this may skew the perception of your finances or your ability to appropriately manage them, or even possibly marital debt.
  • Don’t post or share communications between your lawyer and yourself with people within your social network, via email, text or WhatsApp, as confidential attorney-client privilege would be lost.

Post-Divorce Settlement Social Media Advice in Brick, NJ

Social media posts can be used by your ex to suggest cohabitation, or change in income and result in alimony being terminated, alimony modification, or child support modification.

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As you can see, there are a great many factors to consider and navigate when considering one’s social media presence and digital footprint, during a divorce or other family law related matters.

At The Bronzino Law Firm, LLC, we try to resolve matters through the path of least resistance, negotiation, and mediation in order to minimize our clients’ stress and expense. However, in some high-conflict situations where child custody or substantially high-assets are at stake, you may need a more aggressive approach from a successful litigator.

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