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5 Ways to Fight a Blood Test in a DWI/DUI Charge in New JerseyA blood test is considered an accurate way of determining the intoxication level of a suspect and is commonly required in a DWI/DUI investigation if the suspect is thought to be under the influence of drugs, the breath test equipment is not working properly, or if the person suspected of a DWI/DUI was involved in a traffic accident or violation. Police do not always need a warrant to draw blood for the purpose of checking blood alcohol level.

It doesn’t matter if you are young person suspected of an underage or baby DWI/DUI or someone whose system may have been impaired by their prescription medication, the best way to maximize your ability to fight or challenge your NJ charges involving blood test results, is to have an experienced New Jersey DWI/DWI attorney review the details of your arrest as soon as possible in your case and discuss your possible options.

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5 Ways to Beat a DWI/DUI in Ocean County, NJ by Challenging a Blood Test

We all make mistakes, but errors made by police, nurses, doctors, or lab technicians should not cost you your freedom or the loss of your livelihood.

5 Ways to Beat a DWI/DUI in Ocean County, NJ by Challenging a Blood TestIn New Jersey, there are no specific requirements as to how a blood test or sample is taken, as it doesn’t have to be taken by a doctor. An experienced DWI/DUI defense attorney will be able to cast doubt on this portion of the procedure, how the evidence was handled, and if the method was “medically acceptable.” More often than not, it’s critical that your lawyer hold the State accountable for the procedures they took. In many cases, when this is not done properly, the samples are prone to contamination, unreliability and the analysis lacks accuracy or credibility, especially if the chain of custody is broken or the samples are not provided in a timely manner.

DWI/DUI blood tests can be successfully challenged or the charges reduced or dismissed if during the initial blood collection the:

  1. sample was not taken in a medically acceptable manner
  2. evidence was contaminated or not properly preserved
  3. chain of custody broken
  4. lab analysis was improper
  5. state cannot provide the results in a timely manner

What Other Factors Are Evaluated When Challenging a Brick, NJ Blood Test?

  • Was the driver’s arm alcohol-free or did any residual alcohol on the swab effect the BAC (blood alcohol level)?
  • Was the blood drawn from a vein or artery?
  • Was the blood sample stored in a controlled environment in order to preserve its quality?
  • Could any of the tubes have been faulty or unclean?
  • How many people handled the blood test sample?

During the “discovery” phase of your case, this as well as other information is included and should be accounted for. If any of this information is missing, our team can potentially have the case thrown out.

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