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Just as with divorce, lawyers cannot legally give advice on their website in regards to how you should divide your assets and debt during divorce. However, we can provide a great deal of information in terms of how equitable distribution works in New Jersey, and what things you may need to consider as part of your equitable distribution agreement.

On this page we have assembled the various pages and articles we have written answering some of the most commonly (and uncommonly) asked questions about the division of assets in New Jersey.

Of course, if you cannot find an answer to your specific question, or are in need of legal advice specific to your unique situation, we are ready to discuss the matter with you today in a free and confidential consultation. Feel free to contact us online, or call us through either our Sea Girt office or our Brick office today at (732) 812-3102.


Commonly Asked Equitable Distribution Questions:


Other Divorce FAQs:

Of course, divorce is not limited to the sole issue of equitable distribution. For other questions you may have in regards to your divorce, a child custody agreement, child support agreement, or alimony agreement, please view:

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