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MODIFICATION OF ALIMONY Attorney Ocean County NJBronzino Law Firm has extensive experienced helping clients in Spring Lake, Howell, Brick and neighboring towns to modify their alimony order when circumstances call for a change.

When you sign your initial alimony agreement, it is based upon a number of current factors including current levels of employment, expected bonuses, dependence of one spouse on the other, and the marriage’s standard of living. But what happens when those circumstances change? With the help of an experienced Brick, NJ alimony modification attorney, you can successfully petition the courts to modify your alimony agreement in order to more accurately reflect your changing circumstances.

Attorney Peter J. Bronzino will thoroughly review all of the relevant facts of your case, provide you with an honest assessment of your options, and then dedicate himself to ensuring the courts are made aware of the facts of your case, and take the proper actions towards modifying your alimony agreement. Contact our law office today for a free and confidential consultation regarding the modification of your Ocean County alimony agreement.

Changed Circumstances which Allow for Modification of Alimony in New Jersey

In order for an existing alimony agreement to be modified in New Jersey, it must be shown that circumstances have changed for either the payor, or the payee. While there are no exact legal terms regarding what constitutes a changed circumstance, the most commonly cited circumstances for modifying the alimony obligations of the payor include:

  • Substantial involuntary decrease of your income
  • Unemployment
  • Retirement
  • An increase in your cost of living
  • Illness or disability after the initial judgement which affects their income
  • The dependent party’s remarriage or cohabitation with a member of the opposite sex
  • Subsequent employment or income increase of the payee
  • Refusal of the payee to seek employment or job-training
  • Receipt of a large inheritance

While the most commonly cited circumstances for modifying alimony in favor of the dependent party include:

  • An increase in the payor’s income or compensation levels
  • The loss of your residence
  • The payor’s receipt of a large inheritance

As you can see, some of these circumstances would allow the payee to either reduce or end their alimony obligations, while others would allow the payee to seek an increase in their regular alimony payments.

While this list provides a strong starting point for understanding whether or not your alimony order may be modified, it is by no means final. For a better understanding of whether or not your alimony agreement may be modified based on circumstances unique to your case, contact your Ocean County alimony modification attorney.

If you are interested in pursuing a modification of your alimony agreement, it is important that you do so with the help of an experienced Brick, NJ alimony modification attorney. Bronzino Law Firm has extensive experience gathering the necessary evidence to prove to the courts that circumstances have changed, and seeing the process through to a favorable conclusion for all of his clients in towns like Wall, Point Pleasant, Jackson, Howell, and the surrounding areas.

Proving Changed Circumstance for Alimony Modification Attorney Wall, NJ

In general, the party who seeks to modify alimony obligations bears the burden of proof. This means that you must demonstrate that there are ” changed circumstances,” which must be permanent, substantial, and unanticipated. Some of the most commonly cited changed circumstances were discussed in the section above.

Regardless of which circumstance may be applicable in your case, you must prove to the court that the circumstances you are claiming to have changed are, in fact, true. In cases of loss of employment or an increase in the cost of living of the payor, you and your attorney must gather and then demonstrate to the courts the evidence proving your changed economic circumstances. This may involve filing for unemployment with the state, or showing records that your income has been reduced for a period of at least 90 days.

In the case cohabitation, defined as involving “a mutually supportive, intimate personal relationship in which a couple has undertaken duties and privileges that are commonly associated with marriage or civil union but does not necessarily maintain a single common household”, the burden of proof falls on the supported spouse to prove that they are not economically benefiting from their cohabitation.

Whatever changed circumstance may be applicable in your situation, the burden of proof will be the greatest determining factor in deciding whether or not your alimony agreement is modified. At the Brick, NJ law office of Peter J. Bronzino, we understand how important alimony modification is to you, and will work diligently to gather and demonstrate to the court the necessary burdens of proof to achieve a modification of alimony that is in your best interests.

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