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Distracted Driving Charges and Penalties Lawyer Brick and Sea Girt NJNew Jersey lawmakers and law enforcement have really begun to crack down on cell phone use by drivers on NJ roads because many accidents have been linked to distracted drivers. Of course, everyone understands that driving requires a certain amount of attention and focus. However, many traffic officers in New Jersey issue traffic tickets to drivers who are in no way endangering other people. Beyond the significant monetary penalties associated with a distracted driving ticket, you could also lose your driving privileges and face civil penalties if you were involved in an accident.

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New Jersey Distracted Driving Violations

New Jersey law bans the use of all handheld devices, such as cell phones or any other electronic communication devices, while driving. Although drivers may use a hands-free cell phone, the device’s placement must not interfere with the vehicle’s safe operation. Moreover, even when using a hands-free device, the driver must exercise a high degree of caution and try to keep two hands on the wheel at all times. You may drive with one hand on the steering wheel only if you have reason to fear for your safety, or you are using the cell phone to report an emergency, such as a traffic accident or urgent medical situation, to the appropriate authorities.

The distracted driving law also prohibits all drivers from text messaging or sending an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle.

Tougher Distracted Driving Laws for Special Types of Drivers

Bus drivers are prohibited from using all cell phones – even hands-free phones – while driving. This broader application of the distracted driving law recognizes the many lives that are put at risk when a bus driver fails to give the road their full attention.

Novice drivers are also prohibited from using any cell phone while driving on public roads and highways in New Jersey. A “novice driver” is anyone under 21 who has a Graduated Driver License (GDL).

Penalties for Distracted Driving in Monmouth, NJ

The penalties for distracted driving vary, depending upon the number of prior offenses:

  • First Offense: $200–$400 fine
  • Second Offense: $400–$600 fine
  • Third Offense: $600–$800 fine, 3 motor vehicle points, and license suspension for up to 3 months

No traffic ticket points are assessed for a first or second violation of the distracted driving law; however, a third violation may result in the assessment of 3 points on your license. As you accumulate points, your insurance premiums could be raised. Additionally, if you accrue 12 points, your license can be suspended by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

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