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Drug possession is a very serious charge to face in the state of New Jersey. Drug offenses are the number one offenses seen by attorneys and in court across the state. As many are aware, our communities and our country is in the midst of an epidemic, and our justice system seems to have found itself in a difficult situation not knowing how to handle the issues this epidemic presents. Individuals which are found with substances like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA, steroids, and some other street and prescription drugs without having a legal medical prescription can be charged with offenses and penalties established under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10.

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Drug Schedule Types and Charges Monmouth County NJ

Drugs are grouped under five different categories by the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). These five levels are based on the following characteristics: potential for abuse, safety, addictive potential and if it has legal medical/permissions, being schedule I the most dangerous them all. This same information is used by legal institutions to quantify the amount of the fines and prison time extends. If you, unfortunately, are accused of possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) in one of the first four schedules you could face incarceration, with the term of your sentence up to 10 years along with a $35.000 fine. Drugs under these schedules are indicated in the following chart:

Schedule Type Drug example
Schedule I Heroin, Ecstasy, Opium, LCD
Schedule II Cocaine, Methamphetamine
Schedule III Steroids
Schedule IV Xanax, Valium
Schedule V Generally used for antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic purposes.


The chart below outlines and dictates the charges associated with each schedule of crime:

Drug Quantity Grade Fine Incarceration
Schedule I,II, III & IV Any for personal use Third Degree $35,000 Up to 5 Years
Schedule V Any for personal use Fourth Degree Up to 18 Months
Marijuana – 50 grams or less

– More than 50 grams

Disorderly Persons Offense


Fourth Degree

Up to 6 Months

Up to 18 Months

Prescription Drugs – less than 5 dosage units

-5 to 100 dosage units

-More than 100 dosage units

Fourth Degree

Third Degree

Second Degree




Up to 18 Months

Up to 5 Years

5-10 Years

Actual Possession Brick NJ

There´s another important fact that you need to be aware of and it´s the difference between actual possession and constructive possession of drugs. They are actually two different things and involve different penalties as well. Condemnation on either one of them can carry serious penalties, including jail time, high fines and an undying criminal record. Actual possession of drugs refers to when police officers find the drugs on you, in your hand or pocket, and no one else had equal contact with the substances discovered

Constructive Possession Toms River NJ

On the other hand, constructive possession occurs when authorities believe there is a group of individuals with information and access to drugs. This may include a situation in which for example an individual is being stopped in the street and you are in a car with that person where drugs are found in the glove compartment or even being in someone else´s house while a police requisition and drugs are found in the property.

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