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Child Custody Modification Attorney Ocean County NJOne of the most critical, and often difficult, issues that will need to be decided during many divorces is that of a child custody agreement. A child custody agreement will not only determine physical and legal custody of your children, but will also outline a visitation and parenting time schedule as well.

However, whatever child custody agreement is ultimately reached during your divorce will be based upon the circumstances of your family at the time of the divorce, and as we all know, these circumstances can often change. When certain circumstances change permanently and substantially, it may necessitate a modification to your existing child custody agreement.

Any time you are dealing with such an important and sensitive legal issue as a child custody modification, it is important to retain experienced legal counsel in order to protect your financial rights, the best interests of your children, and help you demonstrate to the courts how those two issues are closely linked.

At Bronzino Law Firm, we have extensive experience helping parents with all manner of child custody and visitation modification issues, and have already helped many families to find fair and successful resolutions to their child custody modification concerns in towns across Ocean County and Monmouth County, including Point Pleasant, Spring Lake, Toms River, Sea Girt, Wall, Jackson, Howell, and Brick.

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When Can a Child Custody Agreement Be Modified? Spring Lake Child Custody Modification Lawyer

As previously noted, a child custody modification can take place any time there is a significant and permanent change in the circumstances of either parent, or even the children themselves.

Some of the most commonly cited changed circumstances which can result in a child custody modification are:

  • The Relocation of one parent, either out-of-state or a significant distance within the state
  • A significant change in the work hours or responsibilities of one parent
  • A significant change in the behavior or lifestyle of a parent such as drug or alcohol abuse
  • When there has been an instance(s) of domestic violence
  • A child expresses their own preference, given the court finds them of a sufficient age and maturity-level to do so
  • One parent is not adhering to the existing child custody agreement, and a modification is ordered through the course of a child custody enforcement hearing

If a court finds that the changed circumstances cited by the petitioning parent are significant enough to warrant a child custody modification, they will issue their judgement in much the same way they do during any child custody matter. The best interests of the child or children will be placed above all else, the courts will seek to determine the ability of both parents to provide for those best interests, and will rule accordingly.

How to Modify an Ocean County Child Custody Agreement

If one parent or the other feels as if circumstances have changed in such a way which call for a child custody modification, there are two potential ways for that parent to secure a child custody modification.

The first is by discussing the matter with their co-parent, and potentially reaching an agreement on their own. Any such agreement can then be submitted to the courts in the form of a consent order, and upon review and approval, those changes to the child custody agreement will be added to the existing agreement, and be considered legal and enforceable.

However, it is rarely the case that both parents can so easily agree to a child custody modification. Much more commonly, one parent or the other submits a motion with the courts to modify their child custody agreement. This will result in a review of the changed circumstances cited, and if sufficient, the child custody modification hearing mentioned in the section above.

If you are seeking to modify your child custody and visitation agreement, or your former spouse has filed for a child custody modification, it is highly recommended that you begin working with our Ocean County child custody modification law firm as quickly as possible so that we can review your situation, prepare for your child custody modification hearing, and help you to present effective and compelling evidence and arguments to the courts.

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At Bronzino Law Firm, we have extensive experience helping parents with all manner of child custody modification issues in towns across Ocean County and Monmouth County, including Point Pleasant, Spring Lake, Toms River, Howell, Wall, Jackson, and Brick.

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