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Property Division Lawyer Sea Girt NJOur Ocean and Monmouth County family law firm understands that one of the primary sources of conflict in divorce is the issue of the equitable distribution of property. Deciding what to do with the family home can be difficult, and if other real estate properties are involved it adds to the complexity of the situation.

Sometimes you will want to “pay off” your spouse with other marital assets in order to maintain possession of a certain property, other times you may wish to sell properties you own in order to pay off marital debts. There are a great many options available to you when deciding how to divide marital properties, and you will want to retain the services of an experienced equitable attorney in order to help you make informed decisions, and protect your rights throughout the process.

At Bronzino Law Firm we work closely with clients in Ocean and Monmouth County towns such as Wall, Point Pleasant, Toms River, Jackson, Asbury Park, Brick, Neptune, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Brielle, and the surrounding areas to protect both their immediate interests as well as their future during the equitable distribution process. With extensive experience in divorce law and asset division, we understand when negotiations require compromise and when they require aggressive litigation. By regularly communicating with our clients in an open and straightforward manner, we can determine what is most to our clients during their divorce, and advise them when making the difficult and critical decisions necessary during any divorce.

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Marital Property and Separate Property Attorney Toms River, NJ

Before any marital property can be divided during a divorce, it is necessary to determine which assets are part of the marital estate, and which assets are considered separate property. Assets (and debts) which one party owned prior to the marriage, and then maintained as separate from the marriage, should be considered as such when it comes time to divide marital property. This can often happen in the case of a shorter marriage, or a marriage which has some kind of existing marital agreement such as a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement.

Conversely, if you or your spouse made contributions (money, time, or certain personal sacrifices are all considered as contributions) towards maintaining or purchasing a new property or home, that property will most likely fall under New Jersey equitable distribution law, meaning it will need to be divided fairly as part of your final Divorce Settlement Agreement.

Attorney Peter J. Bronzino takes great care to thoroughly identify each party’s contributions to the marriage, and what property has been co-mingled and what property is considered separate. He will carefully listen to your specific needs and concerns regarding your property settlement agreement, and then work tirelessly to secure you the settlement you need and deserve.

Monmouth County Equitable Distribution Attorney

New Jersey law states that marital assets must be divided equitably during a divorce. Equitable critically means “fair”, but not necessarily “equal”. While a 50-50 division of property is a good starting point, the balance may tip to 55-45 or 60-40, depending on the incomes and earning potentials of the spouses, as well as other factors. Additionally, one spouse may be willing to sacrifice a portion of their marital property division settlement in order to retain control of specific assets that are especially important to them.

When it comes time to distribute marital property, it is important that you are able to communicate honestly with your Monmouth County equitable distribution attorney so that they have a clear understanding of the specific properties that are important to you. There are a great deal of options available for negotiating an equitable settlement, so if your attorney knows which properties you wish to retain, and which you may wish to sell or part with in your property division settlement, they can negotiate from a more favorable position.

Alimony and Property Division Lawyer Point Pleasant, NJ

Alimony is going to be present in many divorces, particularly when there is a dramatic gap between the incomes and earning potentials of the spouses. However, property division agreements can be designed in a way that offsets alimony. For example, it is possible that in exchange for the family home, alimony payments can be greatly reduced.

That is just one possible option for using property division to alter an alimony settlement, Bronzino Law Firm is ready to discuss with you many more possible alternatives, our goal is always to pursue the outcome that will be most beneficial to you in the long run.

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Naturally, people want to protect the assets they have earned and accumulated prior to, and over the course of, their marriage. Securing the property most important to you during a divorce requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer. You need someone who will listen to your specific concerns and needs, and then be able to put a strategy in place to secure what is most important to you.

The smaller size of Bronzino Law Firm allows us to develop personal and attentive relationships with our clients, while charging reasonable and fair rates for our services. By listening closely to your specific needs and concerns in any property division dispute, we can more effectively work towards the property division settlement that is best for you.

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