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Child Support Termination Lawyer with Offices in Monmouth and Ocean County NJFor unmarried or divorced co-parents in New Jersey, considerations for child support are common. Agreements are made to provide for the needs of children based on the financials of both parents and the existing child custody arrangements. Of course, children do not remain children forever. There are several different scenarios which may lead to an existing child support agreement either coming to an early close or running its natural course. Changes in circumstance, legal action taken by parents or children, and the child becoming a legal adult all can play a role in the termination of your child support agreement.

At The Bronzino Law Firm, our child support termination lawyer works with families who are seeking to terminate or are trying to prevent the early termination of child support agreements. We have extensive experience representing clients from Ocean and Monmouth County towns including Brielle, Wall, Toms River, Point Pleasant, Manasquan, Asbury Park, Brick, and all of Eastern New Jersey. Our smaller firm size allows our divorce and family law legal team to focus on the individual needs and concerns of our clients.

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Default Child Support Termination in Monmouth County

Some child support agreements are signed with a pre-determined end date. This can be decided based on the unique circumstances of you and your family. However, the majority of child support agreements do not come with a finite date of termination. In this case, your Point Pleasant child support attorney will need to identify the terms of your agreement and the nature of your situation to reach a legal termination.

Pursuant to a recent Child Support amendment signed by Governor Christie, child support obligations shall terminate when the child reaches 19 unless there are superseding factors. Under no circumstances are child support obligations to extend beyond the child’s 23rd birthday. In other words, if your agreement has no set end date and there are no abnormalities or requests to extend child support, your child support agreement will likely be terminated when the child turns 19.

Causes for Early Child Support Termination: Neptune Child Support Attorney

There are also a litany of reasons why a child support agreement may be terminated before the child turns 19 or the agreed upon termination date. Your Brielle child support termination lawyer may facilitate an early end to child support based on any of the following actions:

  • A substantial change in circumstance in which the child support agreement is no longer tenable. In many cases, this can lead to a modification to your agreement. However, it may also lead to the agreement being terminated outright
  • Child enlists in the military
  • Child moves away from the family home
  • Child is legally married
  • Death of the child
  • Child has become financially independent
  • More

It is important to note that some co-parents can amicably agree to terminate child support obligations on their own. In some cases, it becomes clear that the support is no longer necessary or the payor is no longer able to reasonably make the payments. No matter what your situation, consulting with a qualified child support attorney is a great first step.

How Does Child Emancipation Impact Child Support in Ocean County?

Another key factor when determining the end date to child support obligations is the concept of child emancipation. In New Jersey, children may become legally emancipated based on a number of factors. Similar to the early termination of child support, reasons for child emancipation can include moving away, financial independence military enlistment, and so on.

If a child has been emancipated, they are legally an adult. Emancipated adults are no longer eligible to receive child support payments. There is a common misconception that children are automatically emancipated when they reach the age of 18. While 18 year olds are considered adults in many regards, this milestone has no material impact on child support considerations in New Jersey.

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