Learn what the Parent Education Course is in New Jersey and its Role in Your Divorce

What You Need to Know about the Parent Education Course

Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, and as unpleasant as it seems, the fact is divorce is as prevalent now as it has ever been. If you are going through a divorce that includes issues of visitation time, child support, or child custody, the courts in the State of New Jersey require that both parents take an education program to help them understand and meet their children’s needs in this highly stressful time. Completion must be proven and accepted before the court will issue a divorce decree.

If a parent doesn’t appear at the in-person version of the course or fails to finish the online version, the court will be notified, and the parent must give a reason for the absence.

As your children go with you through the emotionally difficult periods of separation and divorce, they will need extra care and support. This education program helps you provide that care and support, and it also helps parents build a healthy, beneficial co-parenting method and relationship.

The course’s official name is the New Jersey Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, often referred to as the Parent’s Education Program, divorce parenting classes, the parent’s education course or seminar, and similar monikers. It was established by law through the New Jersey Parent’s Education Act, N.J.S.A. § 2A:34-12.1 – § 2A:34-12.8.

As we mentioned, the course is mandatory in divorce cases in New Jersey. But even if it weren’t required, it would be wise to enroll in the class because it will help your family considerably as you shepherd your children through separation and divorce. Also, it will give you and your children practical, lifelong skills.

What Topics Does the Parent’s Education Seminar Cover in NJ?

The thought of being required to take a course on parenting may feel burdensome during all the upheaval you’re going through with a separation and divorce. But you’ll find the course material to be highly relevant to your current situation, and it will provide parenting guidelines that will bring you and your children benefits for years to come.

The seminar offers strategies to prepare your family for the changes that are upcoming or already in the works. It gives helpful pointers on coping with the emotional stress you and your family are experiencing. It provides valuable tips on long-term divorce issues, such as how to co-parent after divorce and how to manage blending families in the event best you remarry.

In other words, this course helps you be the best possible parent during the divorce process and for a lifetime.

The seminar has nine sections that include the following topics:

  1. Divorce is a difficult loss
  2. Parenting is forever, and how to share the parenting
  3. How children develop throughout childhood and adolescence
  4. How to communicate with your children during the divorce
  5. How to communicate with the other parent
  6. Abuse
  7. How to manage time for parenting
  8. Legalities
  9. Resources for the future

The seminar’s other topic is the mediation of your divorce settlement, which is an alternative process to the more traditional litigation route.

Choosing the Parenting Course Provider in Ocean County

You will want to choose a parenting course approved by the State of New Jersey and that provides a certificate that will be accepted by all New Jersey courts that permit distance learning.

Family and Divorce Team of Attorneys in Ocean CountyWhen searching for a course, you may need to search under related names:

What is the Time Requirement?

The Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course can be completed entirely online. You do not need to physically drive to the course or visit a staff member in an office. The course is structured in time allotments of four, eight, twelve, or sixteen hours. Within the online course is a timer that keeps track of the time you spend on the course. You can stop and start as much as you need to, and your work will be saved.

Obtaining a Certificate that Proves Completion

When you complete the course, the software will instantly generate a certificate of completion and email it to you. You can forward the email with the certificate attached to the party that required you to complete the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.

Look for a school that guarantees that the certificate of completion will be accepted by New Jersey courts or that, if it is not accepted, will provide a refund of the fee.

With a bit of searching, you will be able to find a course that charges only a minimal fee, perhaps only a book fee of $20 or so.

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