How it Works when You Want to Remarry a Former Spouse

Explore with Our Divorce Lawyers the Legal Perspectives of Remarrying Your Ex in New Jersey

Marrying an Ex for the Second Time Around in New JerseyDivorce has become a part of many stories in the unpredictable journey of relationships. But what if, after those storm clouds clear and the dust has settled, you find yourself thinking about a certain someone– your ex? Whether it’s the reality of never seeing that person again, maturing and recognizing you are both living in regret, or a myriad of other reasons and circumstances, you both realize you are back in each other’s lives and want to make it official by remarrying. Rest assured, you are not alone!

How Common is the Act of Remarrying in the US?

Regarding remarriages in the US, 40% of all new marriages comprise at least one party getting married for a second time. While the research on the success or longevity of these reunions is mixed, with more current studies pointing to second divorces, one analysis of over 1,000 remarried couples from around the world performed by psychology professor Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., found hopeful results, with over 70% of the remarried partners staying together for the long haul.

Neighbors in your town, iconic celebrity couples, have dissolved their marital vows only to reunite years or sometimes only months later. For example, Judge Judy Sheindlin and Judge Jerry Sheindlin got divorced only to rekindle and remarry a year later. It might not be the usual way things go, but it occurs more than many would assume. Many partners who remarry express they either needed the time in between to work on themselves, deal with loss or trauma, or sometimes a significant world event can even put into perspective what and who is most important.

Estèe Lauder remarried her ex and formed the major global beauty, skincare, and cosmetics conglomerate with her namesake. However, the brand may have never been, or at least not as we know it today, not for lack of vision or creativity but because the endeavor was a joint venture with her husband, Joseph Lauder. Elizabeth Taylor divorced but chose to later enter into remarriage with her ex-husband after the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Life’s twists sometimes lead people to reconsider their decisions and give love another shot. But, in New Jersey, can you marry the same person twice? Let’s explore the options and examine the process of saying “I do” –take two.

Legal Insights into Remarrying Your Ex in New Jersey

In the Garden State, if you’ve been through a divorce and are pondering the idea of remarrying your ex, the good news is that New Jersey doesn’t generally set legal roadblocks for such a reunion. Once a divorce is official, it’s like a legal reset button, allowing both parties the freedom to explore new relationships or, if the stars should align, revive a previous marital bond.

While there aren’t strict legal restrictions, considering such a decision’s practical and emotional aspects is always a good idea. If you’re pondering remarriage and its impact, talk to a family law expert who can provide guidance tailored to your situation.

Walk Cautiously Before Going Public on Your Remarriage News

If you and your former spouse share children or either of you has children from a previous marriage, it may be wise to wait until you are 100% committed to the plan of remarriage. In the same vein, if you are dating your ex-spouse, you may also wish to keep that private until the relationship is sturdy and unshakable for the emotional well-being of all parties involved. Having gone through a divorce, you know better than others that it is a trying ordeal for everyone involved. Further, announcing that you are back together, getting back together, or thinking of remarrying can cause you and your ex-spouse to rush into remarriage before thinking it through or giving dating and a trial period enough time. The children may also start anticipating the reunion, moving back into one shared home, and other aspects of remarriage. If things fall through, hopes can be let down, and if you hurry back to the altar, the results can be a second divorce and a major legal headache.

Navigating Alimony and Child Support Dynamics in a Second Marriage

In the world of love, second chances, and remarriage, navigating the legal intricacies of alimony and child support in New Jersey is crucial. If you and your ex-spouse decide to tie the knot again, it doesn’t automatically nullify existing alimony or child support arrangements. These financial agreements were likely set up during the divorce proceedings based on various factors. However, getting remarried could influence these arrangements. Love may be boundless, but spousal maintenance and child support agreements follow strict rules and laws. For instance, alimony may end, but to ensure the court does not issue a violation for missing or skipping a payment, it is important to communicate changes to your relationship and continue payments until those communications are acknowledged, and changes are officially noted. Seek legal guidance and, if needed, request modifications to ensure that the financial aspects align with the new chapter in your relationship.

Sorting Out the Challenges of a Second Marriage

Predicting the success of any marriage, especially a second one with an ex-spouse, is challenging. Success can rest on diverse factors, including communication, commitment, vices, and allowing room for continued personal growth. While some couples find everlasting happiness, others may confront renewed challenges. Statistics point out that second marriages face slightly higher divorce rates than first marriages, but individual experiences can significantly vary. The biggest message is to learn from past mistakes, nurture the relationship, and approach the new union with openness and dedication.

What to do if You Want to Remarry the Same Person in Ocean County, NJKey Strategies to Make It Work on a Second Round

Any marriage, let alone a second marriage and a remarriage to your ex, requires thoughtful consideration and proactive steps. First, communication is really important. Communicate respectfully but also be transparent. Discuss your past relationship and analyze, without blame, what went wrong between the two of you and what you’ve learned.

You’ll want to approach the matter of remarriage with patience, sensitivity, and respect. Understand that adjustments (even readjustments) take time, especially if you have children, and that it’s important to involve everyone in your plans. However, you also do not want to announce the decision to remarry too soon. Wait until you are certain about your choice, as backing out after an announcement to family and especially to your children can create additional stress.

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