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Psychological Parent Lawyers Wall NJThe concept of the “traditional family” is quickly disappearing in our modern world. While many families consist of a married mother and father and their biological children, over half of all families consist of a different makeup. This leads to many situations where an adult is acting in the role of a parent towards a child who may not biologically or legally be his or hers. This may be a step-parent, a close relative, or any other individual who has developed a parental relationship with a child. In some cases, this may entitle that parental figure to be eligible for child custody considerations as a psychological parent.

The psychological parentage attorneys of The Bronzino Law Firm are proud to help protect the legal rights of parents whether they are biological parents, adoptive parentsgrandparents, or psychological parents. Our team has extensive experience serving families across local Monmouth County and Ocean County communities including Brick, Bay Head, Spring Lake, Brielle, Point Pleasant, Silverton, Manasquan, and all of Northern New Jersey. Our firm’s smaller size allows us to offer highly personalized and effective legal solutions while charging fair and reasonable rates.

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Becoming a Psychological Parent in Monmouth County

The term psychological parentage can be confusing. Despite the strange nomenclature, a psychological parent is something with which most adults are familiar. In the loosest possible terms, a psychological parent is anyone whom a child considers a parent despite there being no parental legal connection.

Our Wall child custody lawyers also understand that there is more to the story. New Jersey regulations have distinct criteria which must be met in order for parents to be granted psychological parentage. All of the following must be true to be considered a psychological parent:

  • The caretaker (would be psychological parent) has acted in a parental capacity to an extent that a strong bond has formed between the caretaker and the child
  • The child has lived with the caretaker for a significant amount of time
  • The legal parents and/or guardian(s) of the child has agreed to and encouraged the parental relationship between the caretaker and the child
  • The caretaker has taken on parental responsibilities including but not limited to childcare, financial support, education, medical care, and more

Rights for Non-Biological Parents Attorneys Jackson, NJ

Whether or not a caretaker is considered a psychological parent may be decided as part of a larger child custody legal process, during divorce proceedings, or as it’s own independent legal issue. In the majority of cases, our child custody attorneys may petition the courts to be granted psychological parentage to be given consideration for potential child custody and parenting time. If a psychological parentage petition is successful, the new parent will be considered equally eligible for child custody, parenting time, and visitation.

There is a distinction between being eligible for child custody considerations and being granted child custody and parenting time. In other words, psychological parents are given a spot in the game, and are given the opportunity to seek both residential and legal child custody. Child custody hearings or out of court negotiations will determine the actual terms of your custody agreement based on the fitness of each parent, practical matters, and much more.

It is also important to understand that becoming a psychological parent is not the same as becoming a legal parent or guardian. Legal parents are granted additional rights including:

  • Children being permitted to be covered by a parent’s health insurance
  • Children being eligible to be beneficiaries
  • Being legally added to the child’s birth certificate
  • Much more

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