You may have recently come across flyers or advertisements announcing upcoming dates for divorce expos around the country. They seem to be popping up in major cities across the United States and are being hosted almost on a quarterly basis. Even the media and news articles have featured the benefits of such expos. As opposed to a bridal expo, these expos showcase vendors from various fields who claim that they assist those contemplating or going through divorce. Specifically, it is a one-stop shop for people facing a crisis associated with an impending divorce or perhaps going through divorce. Speakers and presenters at these events come from varied backgrounds. For example, they may be counselors, financial experts, and even attorneys. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are businesses that are also on hand that specialize in reconciling couples so as to avoid divorce proceedings. In this arena, there could be marriage therapists, fashion and beauty experts, matchmakers, including plastic surgeons ready to facilitate such reunions and reconciliations

Historically, such expos have been held in Europe and only made their debut on the American stage in New York back in 2012. The goal of such divorce expos is to “empower” the attendees that are curious enough to venture out and discover what resources are available to help them during their impending divorce. These expos may also assist men and women post-divorce who want to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives. Such a forum may be helpful and useful as people are able to network with other attendees who may be facing similar situations.

Given the divorce rates and statistics such expos offer something for everyone in which case they may help someone who has been contemplating divorce, currently going through the process, has already been divorced, or simply wants to save their marriage or decides against marriage. The organizers are trying to remove the historical stigma out of getting divorced in this culture.

There also is a flipside or downside to such expos. Divorces can be complicated and such expos may not resolve legal issues or provide immediate emotional or mental relief, but rather, may compound the problem(s). That is why speaking with a seasoned divorce attorney is highly recommended, as he or she can review your legal options and advise you in a way to best meet your individualized needs.

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While divorces can be quickly or amicably resolved, going it alone after being “empowered” at these conventions may cause issues in the long run. In addition, hiring inexperienced attorneys to handle your case may cause difficult legal issues that could have been avoided with the help of a skilled and experienced family law attorney. It is difficult to take advice from a stranger in a short span of time. That is why we urge you to call us for a free consultation at (732) 812-3102 so we can devote individualized attention to understanding the facts and circumstances of your divorce case. We look forward to helping you fight for your legal rights and developing solutions that best meet your individualized needs.