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There are instances when one spouse is financially dependent and supported by the other spouse. Often the supported spouse is worried that they will be cut off financially during the divorce process, without the means to live, pay bills or even afford an attorney. Fortunately, New Jersey law provides that the status quo of the marriage, or lifestyle of the marriage, is to be maintained while a divorce is pending. Therefore, the supporting spouse cannot cut off the other spouse financially.

Pendente Lite Support

If one spouse is cut off financially during divorce proceedings, that spouse can make a motion, or application, to the court for temporary support. This type of application is for pendente lite support.Pendente lite is Latin for “awaiting litigation” or “pending litigation.” Pendente lite support is to maintain the lifestyle of the marriage until the final resolution of the divorce. For example, if one spouse always paid the mortgage and stopped, they could be ordered by a judge to continue paying the mortgage until the divorce is finalized. Additionally, pendente lite support could include temporarychild support in addition to temporary alimony.

Spousal Support Attorney

At the Law Office of Peter J. Bronzino, LLC, we make sure that our clients maintain the status quo of the marriage. If necessary, we will file a pendente lite application for temporary support according to your specific circumstances. Likewise, we have successfully represented clients against applications where temporary support was unwarranted. It is our goal to alleviate some of the stress that you experience during the divorce process.

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