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As opposed to alimony, which is depending on the variety of factors as well as the judge’s feel of the case, New Jersey child support is based on a calculation. When determining child support, New Jersey uses the “New Jersey Child Support Guidelines,” which comes from the New Jersey Court Rules. When calculating child support, we first use the custodial parent’s income, then we use the noncustodial parent’s income, and then, – it is very important, the number of overnights that the noncustodial parent has with the child or children is then factored in to the guidelines. Obviously, the number of children as well as whether or not the children are over or below the age of 12 is then factored in as well. Finally, we include any work-related daycare costs, whether or not alimony is paid or received, whether or not there is medical insurance premium paid by either parent. All this is placed into a formula, a button is clicked, and then your child support figure is calculated.

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