Divorce Attorneys Help Successfully Navigate your Post-Divorce Process Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

See the following tips to help you usher in this new chapter in your life with strength, ease, and grace.

Divorce Attorneys Help Successfully Navigate your Post-Divorce Process Monmouth and Ocean County NJIf you are going through or recently went through a divorce, you know that the process takes its toll on the mental, emotional, and physical body. Even after the proceedings are over, the transition period from separated to divorced can drive a wrench into the sense of stability and wellbeing and resilience one has. During and after the process of divorce, it is essential that you prioritize your personal health, so that your vessel can support you through the transition from one embodied and experienced life to a brand new one. Trust that this period is much like being a caterpillar in a chrysalis: it is dark and uncomfortable and you don’t know what is on the other side, but your true unfolding and highest happiness are preparing itself for you in perfect time. See the following tips to help you usher in this new chapter in your life with strength, ease, and grace.

Slow and steady: let your body lead the way.

The body is an excellent gauge of our emotional and mental state. It is also the last aspect of ourselves to show sustainable change, as it holds the baggage of past action. Even when we have changed our mental habits and cleared out stuck emotional energy through practices like yoga and therapy, our bodies take a while longer to embody (!) the life-realignment. Take it easy on yourself during your transition process, holding space for what arises. Know that you will not hear the answers to deeper questions like what went wrong and what is next until it’s time, and seeking only slows the process by separating us from the wisdom our bodies are ready to share if we’re ready to listen. Let your body be the main guide in determining rest levels, exercise routines, and even daily agenda.

Lean into the feelings.

Just like the physical body is the house of much wisdom, the emotional body will show you where old wounds have you stuck. It is important to know that emotions are normal, and when we notice their arrival into our bodies and minds from the space of the witness – without following the story – we can learn where that stuck energy resides and breathe into it with a patient, loving awareness. It’s like the parent in us is hugging a child who got scared.

Eat healthily

Eat healthilyThe body needs nutrient-rich fuel, especially while cortisol (stress) levels are high. Bring balance to your hormonal and immune system during this time of heightened stress by hydrating and eating a diverse array of fruits and vegetables to clean and replenish your system. The American Heart Association (AHA) reminds that if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, meaning that there is a higher concentration of toxins in your body.

Get lots of exercise in nature

Exercise is a great mood-booster, as during exercise your brain produces feel-good endorphins like serotonin. Physical activity can be mild or strenuous and include a diversity of solo or group activities like yoga, jogging, strength training, dance, or martial arts. The joint physical and emotional benefits of exercise cannot be understated.

Get into nature

Additionally, exercising in contact with the natural world can increase our sense of connection to self and all that is. Remember that nature is a reflection of the creative harmony that we seek in our own selves and lives. Spending time receiving the sights and sounds all around you will attune you to the healthy member of this ecosystem that you are.


Get your creative juices flowing and explore ways to spend your time that fulfill you from the inside out. Commit to a solo date at home once a week to craft, draw, build, cook, or engage in whatever creative art form calls you. Spending time focused on the present moment in an enjoyable way releases feel-good hormones and reminds us of our uniqueness and specialties.


MeditateMeditation is a powerful tool that trains your brain to be present, receptive, focused, and intentional. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms your body down after a stress response. Guided by the present moment that the breath reminds us we are always within, it helps us hold space for difficult emotions and thought-beliefs that arise.

Seek support

Having the professional support of a therapist and the personal support of a like-minded community is essential at this time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and know that it takes a village to raise a child, including the one that is healing inside.

Envision your dreams

Looking forward instead of backward is key to a healthy relationship with yourself during this time of transition. While you will certainly reflect on past experience to inform your future, train yourself to focus on and feel into how you want to feel in the future. This will help you move toward your dreams.

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