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Divorce and Impact of Coronavirus Attorneys Monmouth and Ocean County NJIf the quarantine experiences and statistics coming from China and the UK are to be believed, forced social isolation resulting from COVID-19 is taking marital tension and thoughts of separation, civil union dissolution, and divorce to new heights. As couples experience little or no time apart, balance childcare and homeschooling responsibilities with working from home, and possibly the presence of extended family members, marital issues that may have been swept under the rug in the past are now being dragged out into the light. Combined with potential unemployment, financial worries, and health problems, this situation is a volatile mixture that can impact a person’s physical and mental well-being, the result of which can be seen in families who have pre-existing domestic violence and child abuse issues and an increase of calls to law enforcement.

The stress and dramatic shift in relationship expectations, parental roles, and the attempt to balance working from home and homeschooling schedules in some cases have emotionally stretched many previously happy couples and family dynamics, forcing many to reassess how they perceive their future living situation to be once certain restrictions are lifted.

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Will the “Stay-at-home” Order Affect My NJ Child Custody or Support Agreement?

Will the “Stay-at-home” Order Affect My NJ Child Custody or Support Agreement?As we wrote recently in “Corona Virus Impacts Coparenting and Parenting Time Agreements,” parents who are in the divorce process or whose divorce or civil dissolution was finalized before the “shelter-in-place” restrictions are concerned about their child custody schedule, fear that their child may be exposed during a parental visitation, and question whether they will be held in contempt if the other parent tries to enforce the custody agreement. In other cases, parents have sought to modify their child custody agreement because the co-parent, grandparent, or someone in their household or apartment building has contracted corona or due to co-parent’s unpredictable workplace demands or longer hours (i.e., essential personnel in the medical, law enforcement, service industry) and the belief they cannot provide the same level of safety and care as before.

Each situation is different. So whether you area parent already struggling to pay child support, who fears that their inability to work will affect their payments or a parent who wants to request a child support modification to reflect their temporary decreased earnings, having the support of an experienced family law attorney is vital to ensuring your rights are protected. You’re not in contempt of any legal orders concerning your case.

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