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In divorce, a great many issues will need to be confronted, considered, negotiated for, and ultimately resolved. Considering the life-long implications that divorce agreements like child custody, alimony, and marital asset division can have, as well as the complex legal and financial nature of these issues, it is highly recommended that any person considering a divorce or going through a divorce retain the services of an experienced Jackson NJ divorce lawyer.

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Divorce Negotiation in Ocean County NJ

While some divorces do result in extremely poor relationships between the divorcing parties, and thus unnecessary and costly litigation and legal processes, most divorces can be resolved without requiring a judge to issue a final ruling on any particular issue, and resolved with both parties able to create a successful co-parenting relationship moving forward (or at the very least part on amicable terms).

Not only will any Ocean County divorce involve a mandatory, court-ordered mediation phase, the parties and their respective divorce attorneys will be given every opportunity to negotiate for and resolve their divorce and its related issues outside of the courtroom.

So while you may be dreading a lengthy legal battle ending in a judge’s ruling, a ruling which probably won’t take into account your unique position, needs, or concerns, with the help of an experienced divorce attorney, there is a good chance that your divorce can be resolved through negotiation in a much less stressful, lengthy, and expensive manner than you might otherwise have anticipated.

Child Custody and Parenting Time Attorney Jackson

For any divorcing parent, their biggest concern most likely lies in what exactly will happen to their children and by extension their parental rights to visitation and custody.

One thing many are surprised to learn is that in legal terms, child custody and parenting time actually refer to two different agreements that will need to be reached. A parenting time and visitation agreement, as the name implies, outlines how much time the children will spend with each parent after the divorce, and when. (It may also be necessary to reach a temporary parenting time agreement during the divorce process itself, click to learn more).

On the other hand, child custody refers to the issues of legal and residential custody respectively. Legal custody being the right to make certain highly impactful decisions for a child (for example health care, education, religious matters, etc), while residential custody is a legal designation which can affect things like where the children go to school, their physical address, and more.

Additionally, both child custody and parenting can and will affect your child support agreement, so not only can our experienced Jackson divorce attorneys help you secure and protect your parental rights, in doing so we can also ensure that your child support agreement accurately reflects your family’s financial situation and the needs of your children.

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