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Stress, Social Distancing, and Divorce Attorney Monmouth and Ocean County NJNo matter how well navigated, divorce places stress on all aspects of one’s life. Financially, tensions are high as each spouse determines how to make ends meet independently and reorganize their income and expenses to support their new path. Mentally, the stress of having to hash out logistics involved in the divorce proceedings with an ex-partner – even if tensions don’t run high – can feel like a weight on the shoulders that is hard to bear. Emotionally, handling the grief of the death of a relationship, no matter how correct the move is, is a process that requires time and loving attention. And physically, all of those other stressors make their mark as insomnia kicks in, fatigue and irritability are the new normal, and coping mechanisms have their effect.

So what happens when, on top of all of this stress and weight, a pandemic sweeps the world, putting a freeze on life as we knew it and perhaps even trapping us in close quarters with the one from whom we are ready to distance ourselves? The effects of COVID-19 have, so far, meant a drastic shift in lives and perspectives. Hopefully, this time would inspire simple gratitude for the health and presence of your loved ones, even your ex-spouse. But the fear, stress, boredom, confusion, and personal upheaval that happen at this time only add insult to the injury of a divorce proceeding, especially when it is largely placed on pause.

How to Take Care of Yourself Mid-Divorce During COVID-19

Whether you are in the separation stages or deep into the divorce proceedings, whether you are parents of children or not, whether you live together or live separately, you must take extra time to practice self-care during the playing out of the pandemic and process your thoughts and feelings.

Practice Self-care

Self-care is essential at this time. It is not selfish to use this extra time at home to slow down and treat yourself to self-care rituals that make your body, mind, and spirit feel nourished. Especially as you transition to post-marriage life, recommitting to your health, healing, and dreams are essential and a solid base from which you can move forward in your life. Consider practices such as meditation and yoga, which provide the inner space for you to process some of the difficult emotions and thoughts surrounding your divorce, as well as the fear and uncertainty that the pandemic brings up.

Communicate with Children and Ex

Communicate with Children and ExBe clear with your children (in an age-appropriate way) of what is happening, both in terms of the pandemic and the divorce. Remember that they are highly sensitive to energetic impressions that they feel without things necessarily be said, so acknowledge the fear and keep a positive tone of hope and appreciation for the family at the center of every conversation while remaining forthright.

If you live under the same roof as your ex, keep the lines of communication open and amiable while respecting each other’s need for ample space. Consider yourselves partners in the strictest sense of the word at this time, responsible for doing your part to make the operation function efficiently and without stress. Remember you are humans first, and safe and healthy humans at that. If you are not in the same room, continue open communication regarding the divorce’s to-dos, keeping the momentum going behind the scenes if not in court.

If you have children and are living under the same roof as your ex, create a parenting time schedule for on- and off-duty times of the day. Work together to create a schedule that meets the children’s needs and your need for quality time with them and your own space.

Stay In Touch with your Lawyer

Just because you cannot physically meet does not mean that the process has to be frozen. Continue to contact your lawyer and, as possible, scheduled joint meetings with your ex and their lawyer to keep the process moving forward.

Seek Support

Seek SupportReach out to a therapist that can offer phone or video sessions to ensure that your psychological and emotional process is given oxygen. Even thirty minutes a week can provide a helpful perspective and insight for your journey, as well as nourish your commitment to your own mental health.

Take advantage of the quarantine time

Use this time to begin orienting and acting toward dreams that you wanted to do post-divorce. Consider yourself ready to begin the next phase of your life and within a germination phase where you can envision and feel yourself there; then use the extra time and space from external obligations to begin to strategically make moves toward meeting those goals and making your dreams come true.

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