Ocean County NJ Prenuptial Agreement AttorneyMany people are hesitant to bring up the idea of a prenuptial agreement with their fiancee or spouse. They fear that by bringing up the idea of protecting themselves in the possibility of divorce, their partner will think they plan to divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement in place, however, does not mean that either party plans to divorce, merely that they are taking prudent steps to protect both of their futures against every possibility. In addition, couples who create a prenuptial agreement demonstrate that they are capable of having important discussions about important matters in an intelligent, and adult manner, and plan together for their future responsibly.

There is no reason to not be financially prepared and protected in the case of a divorce, and having an Ocean County prenuptial agreement offers several extremely important benefits to married couples, which we will discuss below.

Spring Lake Divorce Attorney Discusses “Protecting Separate Assets”

One of the principal advantages of prenuptial agreements is the ability to protect separate assets that may later become co-mingled in the marriage, and as such subject to equitable distribution. Things such as privately owned businesses, investments, and real estate properties over the course of the marriage become marital property, and no longer the separate property of the original owner. Dividing a private business during a divorce can often be extremely difficult, and often leads to the demise of the business for a number of different reasons.

By signing a prenuptial agreement which clearly states which separate property will remain separate in the case of a divorce is a savvy measure to take. Often both spouses will have assets that they wish to protect, and an experienced Toms River prenuptial agreement attorney can help both of you protect separate interests in the case of a divorce.

Sea Girt Divorce Lawyer Discusses “Reducing the Cost of Divorce”

Another important advantage to having a prenuptial agreement in place is the amount of money you can save should a divorce occur. Not only can prenuptial agreements cover certain aspects of marital property division, they can also include terms for other key divorce issues such as alimony, child support, and child custody. These issues often require extensive litigation to decide during a divorce, leaving both you and your spouse with large legal bills.

By having a preexisting plan in place for these key divorce issues, not only will you save a great deal of money on legal representation, you will save time and stress as well.

Point Pleasant Divorce Attorney Discusses “Confidence in Your Marriage”

While it may be contrary to popular conception, signing a prenuptial agreement can often help your marriage grow, rather than splinter from lack of confidence. Yes, signing or even discussing a prenuptial agreement can be difficult, but there will be many difficult moments and decisions over the course of your marriage, and by confronting the issue of a prenuptial agreement, it can help both you and your spouse feel even more confident that you made the right choice. You are able to discuss difficult issues, and decide them and plan for your future in a responsible and adult manner. This ability to work together and plan for your future is critical to any marriage, and in this way, the process of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement can be an important and beneficial step for you as a couple.

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It is important to remember that just because you and your partner are planning for the worst-case scenario with a prenuptial agreement, it doesn’t mean either of you expect or want that to happen. You are simply being intelligent adults, taking important steps to protecting both of your futures, and taking advantage of the many benefits of prenuptial agreements already discussed.

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