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Brick NJ Marital Agreements AttorneyMarital agreements and non-marital agreements are useful tools available to spouses and couples in New Jersey. They can tackle a wide range of topics including alimony and spousal supportdivision of assetschild custodychild support, life insurance beneficiaries, powers of attorney, and much more. While these agreements can be flexible in their content, the manner in which they are drafted and signed is extremely strict pursuant to New Jersey regulations. For this and many other reasons, it is vital that individuals work with qualified marital agreement attorneys during the legal process.

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Marital Agreements Attorneys Asbury Park, NJ

Our Asbury Park marital agreement attorneys help our clients with all manner of marital and non-marital agreements in New Jersey. The most common forms of marital agreements include:

Prenuptial Agreements – agreements which are made before a marriage are known as prenuptial agreements. Commonly, these tackle issues of financial responsibility and rights during a marriage as well as stipulations for alimony and equitable distribution in the case of an eventual divorce.

Postnuptial Agreements – postnuptial agreements are extremely similar to prenuptial agreements with the primary difference that they are entered during a marriage.

Cohabitation Agreements – unmarried couples may enter into non-marital, cohabitation agreements which may grant one another the legal rights of a married couple. Like prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements also may tackle issues of an eventual separation such as alimony and equitable distribution.

Toms River Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Unfortunately, prenuptial and other marital agreements have garnered an unfairly negative reputation in the public eye. Some individuals have come to believe that entering into such agreements is an admission that they believe the marriage or relationship will eventually end. This is simply not true. Our Toms Rivers prenuptial agreement lawyers believe that marital agreements can act to strengthen healthy and happy relationships.

It is important to understand that prenuptials and postnuptials are not exclusively intended to be used in the case of divorce. They may also include terms for providing for children from previous marriages, assigning legal rights and responsibilities for owned assets during the marriage, and much more.

Cohabitation agreements are important for unmarried couples who do not intend to marry in the foreseeable future. Unmarried couples simply do not have the same legal rights as married couples during or after their relationship, and proper cohabitation agreements may rectify this situation.

Enforceable Marital Agreements in Ocean County, NJ

As mentioned previously, the state of New Jersey has very specific criteria which must be met when it comes to signing a valid marital agreement. It is therefore important to understand that foregoing the advice of an Ocean County marital agreement lawyer may cause your agreement to be rendered void in the eyes of the law. All of the following must be true to create an enforceable prenuptial, postnuptial, or cohabitation agreement:

  • Both parties must be given the opportunity to work with independent legal counsel. If either party elects to waive this right, they must do so in writing
  • Both parties must fully and honestly disclose all of their financial assets
  • Neither individual may be coerced, threatened, or otherwise pressured into signing the marital agreement
  • The agreement must be signed knowingly, and after ample time to consider the terms within
  • Terms of the agreement must be conscionable or fundamentally fair and reasonable

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