A skilled divorce attorney is a valuable ally in a New Jersey divorce case. However, the most effective legal team in any divorce case is a knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney working with a helpful client. While your attorney may be doing a lot of the legal work involved in your divorce case, you play a large role in what the eventual outcome will be. There are actually things that you can do to help your divorce case proceed more smoothly every step of the way. The following suggestions can help you help your attorney obtain the best possible result for you in your New Jersey divorce case, whether your case is ultimately resolved through negotiated settlement or through litigation and a court determination of the issues.

If there were just one thing that you could do that would have the greatest amount of positive impact on your divorce case, it would be to tell your attorney the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth all of the time. This sounds cliche, but surprises in the form of matters that are brought up by your soon-to-be former spouse or his or her attorney unexpectedly can have serious negative consequences for a divorce case. It does not matter if you did not tell your attorney about these issues because you were too afraid or too embarrassed to do so, they still can have a negative impact on your divorce case. Fortunately, surprises of this nature can be prevented by letting your attorney know about any relevant information, regardless of whether it could be damaging to your case, so that they can prepare in advance for how he or she will handle it, if it comes up.

A second thing that you can do to help your attorney help you obtain the best result in your divorce case is staying away from any activity that could be perceived as dishonest. For example, shredding documents and deleting computer files can cause a lot of trouble for you once you are found out, even if the contents of the items that were deleted or destroyed had nothing to do with your divorce. It is important to preserve any information until after the divorce has been finalized.

The third thing that you can do to help your attorney help you obtain a good result in your divorce case is to be reasonable during any discussions or negotiations. Although emotions are going to be part of any divorce, it is important to keep them from derailing productive negotiations. You can feel angry, sad, or anything else that you feel on the inside, while maintaining your composure, even though it may at times be very hard to do so.

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