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Licensing is a tool used by the State of New Jersey, as well as all others, to control all types of activities and who can legally indulge in them. In most cases, a license is seen as a privilege and not a right. When it comes to licensing most of us think of our driver’s license. However, there are many professions that require a license issued by the state for those who want to ply that craft or profession legally. These include accountant, beautician, trainer, dentist, electrician, attorney, landscaper, plumber and many many others.

In a practice that some find controversial, family law courts have the ability to revoke licenses from those individuals who fall behind in child support payments. This can put a greater strain on individuals who may already be struggling in that loss of a driver’s license can make getting to work more difficult while the loss of a professional license can mean that an individual can no longer legally earn money in their chosen profession.

The Bronzino Law Firm LLC has effectively used the law to represented and protect clients against losing their licensing in many communities across New Jersey including Asbury Park, Neptune, Wall, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Brick, Jackson, Sea Girt, and all of Monmouth County, Ocean County and across the Jersey Shore. If you are facing losing your driver’s or professional license because you are behind on child support payments, please contact our Brick or Sea Girt offices today by calling 732-812-3102 for a free and confidential consultation regarding your situation.

Licensing and Child Support Obligations in Monmouth and Ocean County

Whatever the type of licenses, an individual is taking a pledge to comply with the rules and regulations of that activity. Failure to comply with the stated regulation can lead to that license being revoked, suspended, or in certain circumstances, lost in its entirety. Controversy enters when a license is lost without breaking any of the rules or regulations associated with that activity.

New Jersey statute N.J.S.A.2A:17-56.41 to 56.52 gives family law courts the ability to deny, suspend and/or revoke licenses, including occupational, recreational or drivers’ licenses, should that license holder be found to be in violation of his or her child support obligations.  It can be enacted and enforced in the following circumstances:

  • Child support arrears equal or exceed the amount payable for six months
  • Court ordered healthcare coverage for a child is not provided for six months
  • The obligor fails to respond to a subpoena relating to a paternity or child support action
  • A warrant for the obligor’s arrest has been issued by the Court, for failure to pay child support as ordered, or failing to appear at a hearing to establish paternity or child support, or failing to appear at a child support hearing to enforce a child support order

Regaining a License that was lost due to Falling Behind on Child Support Obligations

The ability to deny, suspend or revoke licenses is only one aspect of a comprehensive scheme of enforcement procedures and mechanisms used under mandates established by the Federal Government years ago for the purpose of strengthening the enforcement of child support obligations. However, in the subparagraph (4) of the above-mentioned statute, mechanisms and procedures are set forth for the relief and restoration of a revocation of a license.

It is important to note that even when this extreme tactic is used the aim is usually not for there to be the actual loss of license (and as a result affecting the obligor’s ability to earn, so as to meet support obligations going forward), but to secure payment and compliance. Furthermore, the obligor has the ability to be heard before the court in advance of the loss of any licensing privileges. However, it is strongly advised to have an experienced family law attorney as your advocate throughout the entire process.

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