BRICK NJ NEGLIGENCE ATTORNEYNegligence is generally defined as the failure to exercise, in the given circumstances, that degree of care for the safety of others, which a person of ordinary prudence would exercise under similar circumstances. In New Jersey, if an injured person proves that another person has acted negligently to cause their injuries, they may be entitled to damages.

Negligence is proven by establishing its elements. The elements of negligence are a duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation, and resulting damages.

In determining whether reasonable care has been exercised, a jury will consider whether the defendant ought to have foreseen, under the attending circumstances, that the natural and probable consequence of his/her act or omission to act would have been some injury. It is not necessary that the defendant have anticipated the very occurrence which resulted from his/her wrongdoing but it is sufficient that it was within the realm of foreseeability that some harm might occur thereby.


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