Passport Denial Due to Child Support Issues in NJ

Learn About the Passport Denial Programs for Overdue Child Support Debt in New Jersey

Passport Denial for Late Child Support Payments in Monmouth County, NJEvery child has the right to receive financial support from their non-custodial parent to help cultivate their well-being. Food, housing, education, and medical expenses add up, and the New Jersey and federal child support programs are designed to ensure that no child goes without the resources they need to thrive. Sometimes, however, a non-custodial parent gets behind in support payments they owe to the child’s residential payment. Often, these debts are incurred because the parent does not have the financial means to pay child support over a certain period. Other times, though, parents who can pay choose to be delinquent. In service of cracking down on these parents and getting their children the financial support they need, the Federal Passport Denial Program, operated by the Office of Child Support Services within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, goes into motion. If you have had your passport confiscated or your application denied by the U.S. State Department because of overdue payments, contact our lawyers at Bronzino Law Firm today.

OCSS and Delinquent Child Support Commitments

The Passport Denial Program began as part of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS), which oversees the program, is entitled to facilitate the revocation of current passports and denial of new passport applications if a non-custodial parent owes more than $2,500 in overdue child support payments. Upon receiving notice from a child support agency that a parent is past-due in payments, the OCSS submits the parent’s name to the U.S. State Department, which will deny new passport applications from the individual and revoke the passport if it is submitted for added pages, repairs, or other updates. The delinquent parent will remain ineligible for a passport until payments are made, or another arrangement is established with the New Jersey state child support agency, and the state requests the parent’s withdrawal from the list.

The ‘Zero Arrears’ Doctrine in NJ

While some states work with parents who have overdue child support debt to set up payment plans, New Jersey has a ‘zero appears’ policy. According to this policy, overdue child support must be paid in full before the state will contact the OCSS for the person’s removal from the passport denial program. The easiest way for a person to have restrictions removed is to pay the overdue balance on child support payments. New Jersey has a ‘zero appears’ policy, which means that until the balance is fully paid off, the state will not request that the parent be removed from the passport denial program.

Learn with Out Attorneys How Late Child Support Payments Affect Your Passport Status in NJOther Consequences of Overdue Child Support in New Jersey

Having one’s passport application denied is only one of many potential consequences of not making child support payments on time. Delinquent parents who are regularly behind on payments are subject to having their New Jersey driver’s license revoked, their properties seized, taxes offset, wages garnished, and more, and they can even face jail time.

Passport Denial for Child Support Reasons? An Attorney at Bronzino Law Firm Can Help in Ocean County,  NJ

Being delinquent on child support payments is a serious issue in New Jersey that comes with severe consequences. You need the support of a child support attorney to help get you on the right track as soon as possible so you can get on with your life while your child is well-cared for. When it comes to being behind on child support payments, New Jersey is extremely strict, and it is nearly impossible to be removed from the federal list unless you pay off your debt completely or work with a skilled and experienced attorney to modify the required amount moving forward.

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