What are the Costs of Divorce in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ?

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Divorce Attorney with Offices in Monmouth and Ocean County NJThere is no doubt about it – divorce is stressful. Beyond the personal stressors, many divorcing spouses are also concerned about the costs of divorce. The good news is that individuals have many options when it comes to settling their divorce, some of which can effectively lessen financial burdens. It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a “standard” divorce. The unique circumstances of you and your family, the issues which must be resolved during your divorce, and the choices you make during the legal process may all play a major role in the overall cost of your divorce proceedings.

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Contested and Uncontested Divorce Attorney Manasquan, NJ

There are a litany of decisions which must be made during the course of a New Jersey divorce. Your Manasquan divorce attorney will work closely with you and your family to identify which options best fit your needs and which may actually save you money. One such decision is whether to file for no fault or fault based divorce. Additionally, every divorce is classified as being either contested or uncontested.

Uncontested divorce refers to a situation where the divorcing parties are in agreement about the terms of their divorce. When the plaintiff files for divorce, the defendant (recipient of divorce papers) does not file a response, resulting in a faster and less costly divorce process.

Contested divorce may result from a situation where spouses are not in agreement. Generally, this leads to situations where both parties are forced to spend more of their time and money reaching a resolution.

Toms Rivers Divorce Settlement Agreement Lawyer

One of the main components and points of potential conflict during divorce is reaching a divorce agreement. Your Toms River divorce agreement lawyer will help you address such issues including:

  • Alimony and spousal support – many divorces include terms for spousal support after marriage, also known as alimony
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets – most assets which were jointly owned or acquired during a marriage must be divided between divorcing spouses
  • Child custody – for parents, it is important to come up with an appropriate child custody agreement which governs residential custody, legal custody, parenting time, and more
  • Child support – many divorce agreement settlements include arrangements for child support to help with the costs of raising a child in New Jersey

Minimizing the Costs of Divorce in Ocean County

There are many costs associated with divorce, with some being more essential than others. For example, which going it alone could save money in the short run, there are many reasons why hiring an Ocean County divorce attorney will actually save you money in the long run. All divorce and family law attorney are not created equal. In many cases, choosing the right divorce attorney for you can be the most important decision you make during the divorce process.

Choosing to file uncontested divorce, no-fault divorce, and working with your spouse outside of the courtroom to settle your divorce disputes are all great ways to minimize the costs of divorce. What is important to remember is that the terms of your divorce agreement can have both an immediate and long term impact on the lives of you and your family. While controlling the costs of your divorce is a high priority, it is absolutely essential that you select the options which are best suited for your individual needs.

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