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Despite the common perception that divorces involve angry, embattled parents arguing in front of a judge over every last detail, the fact of the matter is that the majority of divorces can be resolved behind closed doors, and without having to resort to a judge’s ruling.

Of course, the divorcing individuals will still need to reach agreements regarding child custody and child support (if children are involved) as well as alimony and the division of assets and debts before the divorce can be resolved. Considering the importance of each of these divorce matters, and the affects their outcomes can have on the lives of all involved for years to come, it is recommended that any person going through a divorce in Monmouth County retain the counsel of an experienced family law attorney.

At the Bronzino Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling even the most complex of divorce cases, and have successfully helped countless clients and families to reach fair, effective, and legally and financially sound divorce agreements across the greater Monmouth County area.

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Asset and Property Division Attorney Monmouth County

Before any Monmouth County divorce can be resolved, the divorcing parties will need to reach an agreement regarding the equitable distribution of all marital property. The more complex a family’s finances, assets, and other holdings, the more important it becomes to work with an experienced attorney in order to ensure that your short-term and long-term financial interests and rights are properly accounted for and protected in your division of assets agreement.

Before you can begin to negotiate for and divide assets however, assets and properties must first be divided between “separate property” and “marital property”. Depending on various factors such as the length of the marriage, contributions made by each party to to the marriage, the type of asset in question, and more, distinguishing between property belonging to the marriage (i.e. property which will need to be divided) and property belonging to one party or the other is a delicate and complex task.

With that being said, the following assets are often considered marital property, and as such will need to be equitably divided before your divorce can be resolved:

So while all marital assets need to be divided in an ultimately “fair” manner, there is an enormous amount of flexibility in how exactly this is achieved. By retaining the counsel of an experienced Monmouth County divorce attorney who is also familiar with complex financial matters, you can rest assured that your divorce’s equitable distribution agreement will reflect your specific needs and concerns, protect the assets you value most, and prevent you from jeopardizing you and your children’s financial futures.

Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce in Monmouth County

Prenuptial agreements and other marital agreements such as a post-nuptial agreement are created to address a variety of factors in the case that a marriage should end in divorce, most commonly the issue of separate property and marital property, and how a marriage’s assets should be divided.

As long as a marital agreement and its terms are considered valid and fair, the conditions outlined in the marital agreement will supersede standard legal practice. For example, if your legal marital agreement states that the family home is the property of one individual, that home will not be equitably divided between the parties as it normally would be during a divorce.

If you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement, or have concerns regarding whether or not your marital agreement is legal and binding and how it will affect your divorce, contact our office today to speak with our legal team in a free and confidential consultation.

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