Divorce: A Fresh Start for Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Divorce Can Be the Best Decision for Couples Who Are No Longer Compatible, Despite Its Difficulties.

Divorce as a Catalyst for Change and Growth in Asbury Park, NJMarriage is not easy. It takes a lot of consistent work, sacrifice, and compromise. In the end, sometimes, the effort of maintaining the marriage does not compete with the fact that the couple is no longer compatible. Whatever your reason for divorce, it is a decision that couples do not go into lightly. In addition to perhaps facing social, familial, and religious judgment, people who go through the dissolution of marriage also often experience financial and emotional drain. Children of divorce can go through immense instability during the transition, and the divorcees themselves can feel their entire lives upended as they weed through the details of closing one door to open up a new one. Despite the many stressful components of a divorce, legally dissolving an unhappy marriage in New Jersey can be the best decision a person ever makes. If you are contemplating divorce, contact our Brick or Sea Girt office today for a free consultation to discuss this life-changing process, its implications, and how we can help smooth the way.

Divorce May Positively Impact Your Physical Health

While divorce is stressful, the years of marriage leading up to a divorce can be just as stressful. When a couple operates from a default state of conflict, tension, or even codependent tendencies, their physical health suffers. This is because consistent stress within a relationship – even subtle inner resistance or resentment – triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Elevated cortisol levels cause a ‘fight or flight’ response in the body, and even small stressors cause big harm. While our mental and circumstantial lives as humans have evolved profoundly over the past hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies still live in the Stone Age in many ways.

Our bodies react to arguments, disagreement, and subtle tension the same way they used to respond to being chased by a bear: by pumping us full of cortisol and getting our blood pumping to signal that it’s time to fight (physically!) or flee (run!). Years of compounded stressors and a low-key fight or flight response that is constantly engaged can lead to heart disease, digestive disorder, and other illnesses, as well as rob our overall sense of vitality. Getting a divorce can resolve many of the stressors that keep our nervous systems in fight or flight stress response. This induces its opposite, a nervous system state called “rest and digest.” In this state of calm, our bodies and minds function at full capacity. And as if not being constantly under stress isn’t enough, divorce also provides individuals with an opportunity to prioritize self-care and personal well-being in ways that were often not available within a marriage due to shared responsibilities and the lifestyle embraced by the married ‘unit.’ Unhappy in your marriage? Seriously consider obtaining a legal dissolution in New Jersey. Your body will thank you.

Your Emotional Health May Improve After Divorce

One’s emotional health can also be positively impacted in divorce. Incompatible marriages are often accompanied by the unhealthy and unkind practices of putting one another down, diminishing one another’s worth, and seeding self-doubt. Once divorced, an individual can listen in to the part of themselves that has not felt properly loved, seen, or cared for. Marriages often exploit deep-seeded feelings of abandonment and lack of self-love. These destructive complexes are difficult to heal within a marriage, and some relationships are even based on these longstanding wounds. In many cases, becoming emotionally healthy and getting to know — and taking care of — the needs of your inner child is easier when alone and free from relationships that amplify wounding.

Divorce May Open the Door for Realizing Your Full Potential

What do you really want for yourself, personally and professionally? Many people lose sight of their individual passions and goals when in a marriage because the identity of the couple as a ‘unit’ overshadows each spouse’s individuality. Divorce can provide the energetic space that fosters mental clarity. With mental clarity comes renewed ambition and clear steps towards reaching personal and professional goals.

Control of Your Finances and Post-Divorce Financial Health

Explore the Potential Upsides of Divorce in Tinton Falls, NJFinally, divorce can work wonders for an individual’s financial health. Why? Couples often lose sight of their financial potential when they combine their assets. In divorce, finances are no longer commingled, and an individual can take a good, hard look at the specific facets of their wealth. Financial choices become based on individual personal and professional goals, and appropriately managing money begins to feel like a form of self-care and self-realization. A divorced person takes charge of their own authentic future through their finances.

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Our team of divorce lawyers at Bronzino Law Firm is uniquely poised to use our experience and know-how to help you swiftly and successfully navigate a divorce so that you receive, in full, the assets that are rightfully yours. New Jersey’s equitable distribution process ensures that marital assets are distributed evenly based on various factors, and a divorce attorney at our firm will help you take full advantage of those conditions so that you move into your future with all you need to restore your physical, emotional, and mental health, and blossom into your full potential. For over a decade, our firm has been an established part of the Red Bank, Belmar, Lavallette, Seaside Heights, Sea Girt, Point Pleasant, Holmdel, Beach Haven, Bradley Beach, and other Ocean and Monmouth County communities, and is dedicated to successfully supporting our clients through divorce procedures and transitions. Contact us today at (732) 812-3102 for a free and confidential consultation regarding your divorce.