When news broke on July 15, 2015 that an adultery website known as AshleyMadison.com was hacked into, many “adulterers” who use the site were cringing in fear and trepidation that their identity and personal information would be compromised. Specifically, the hackers stole large caches of user data and posted it online. In response to the sensitive data released by the hackers, the company that owns the website, Avid Life Media (“ALM”), took immediate action to disable the web links and remove the information. While the users were at risk of having their private information including their names, addresses, sexual fantasies, and even nude photos being exposed online, it is unclear exactly how much user data was in fact posted.

The Canadian website AshleyMadison.com has 37 million users and is a dating website that enables “cheating.” The website is also used in the United States. Their main slogan is “[l]ife is short. Have an affair.” In addition to this website, data from ALM’s other websites also were hacked, which includes Cougar Life for older women or single mothers looking for younger men, and Established Men for older successful men seeking younger beautiful women.

The hackers made several demands and threats that they would go public with all the user data if the company did not take down their websites. They even stated,”[t]oo bad for those men, they’re cheating dirtbags and deserve no discretion.” What influenced the hackers to compromise the site’s data was allegations that the company misled customers to believe that they could permanently erase their profile for a small fee. However, the site did not delete any user information as promised. In response to these allegations, the company offered users the ability to completely delete their profiles and private information free of charge.

In the aftermath of the Ashley Madison story, paranoid spouses that use this website have contacted several private investigators to protect them, especially to prevent their spouses from finding out they use Ashley Madison. Simultaneously, suspecting spouses have also contacted private investigators to look into whether their spouse have been cheating on them using this website.

While New Jersey is a no-fault state, spouses do have the option to choose a “fault” divorce and allege adultery as grounds for obtaining the divorce, provided you are able to provide your spouse’s misconduct that lead to the breakup of your marriage.  This would include the date, location and name of the adulterer.  The adulterer would also have to be noticed with your divorce complaint. Alleging adultery can been expensive and lead to a contentious divorce and will only impact the final disposition of your divorce in very extreme circumstances.

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