When are Divorces Finalized in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ?

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Divorce Attorneys Monmouth and Ocean County NJOne of the most commonly asked questions our divorce attorneys get is, “when is my divorce final?” To help answer this question, it is important to understand that no two divorces are alike, although many follow the same basic procedure to reach a lawful conclusion. In order for your divorce to be legally recognized, it must be granted a final judgement of divorce. All steps prior to this point are considered a part of the larger divorce process. Many times, divorce proceedings can involve disputes which must be resolved including issues relating to child custodychild support, equitable distribution of marital assets, and alimony.

The divorce attorneys of The Bronzino Law Firm have extensive experience helping clients seek final judgements of divorce throughout Ocean and Monmouth County towns such as Spring Lake, Brielle, Wall, Jackson, Brick, Sea Girt, Point Pleasant, and all of Central New Jersey. We are proud to offer highly personalized and effective legal solutions for our clients and their families throughout divorce legal proceedings. Our small firm size allows our attorneys to focus on the issues and concerns which matter most to our clients while charging highly competitive rates.

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Spring Lake Divorce Lawyer Identifies the Divorce Process

Our Spring Lake divorce lawyers understand that the overall divorce process is what determines how and when your divorce will be finalized. No two divorces are exactly the same, but the majority follow a somewhat similar pattern of events. New Jersey divorces will most likely contain the following steps in the process:

  •  Filing for divorce in the County in which you lived during the marriage
  • The defendant (individual served with divorce paperwork) may file a response or elect to not file a response to this paperwork
  • The discovery phase where spouses share important information including financial documentation and other written statements
  • The formal hearings involved in many divorces include: a case management conference, early settlement panel, economic mediation, pre-trial conference, and the divorce trial. It is vital to understand that many if not all of these steps may be expedited or skipped altogether in some cases
  • Final Judgement of Divorce is granted

Seeking Final Judgements of Divorce in Monmouth County

As our Monmouth County divorce attorneys alluded to previously, many divorces are settled outside of the courtroom. In fact, it has been estimated that 98-99 percent of all New Jersey divorces are settled without a formal trial. However, in all divorce proceedings a judge must review the paperwork and settlement agreement to determine whether or not a divorce is legal, conscionable, and generally in good order before issuing a final judgement. During these final hearings, our divorce attorneys or the judge will review some basic questions to ensure the accuracy and validity of your claims:

  • Where do you live?
  • Where were you married?
  • On what date were you married?
  • Is everything within your signed divorce complaint and settlement agreement accurate?
  • Did you take the time to carefully review your divorce settlement agreement before signing?
  • Were you coerced or threatened into signing any of the paperwork surrounding your divorce?
  • Do you have any questions regarding this legal process, the contents of your agreement, or any other issues?
  • Much more

These questions are intended to show that not only are you prepared to reach a final divorce settlement, but the means by which you and your spouse came to your agreement was lawful and proper. Without reviewing these issues, it may be possible for your former spouse to later contest your divorce’s legality on the basis of misconduct.

The Superior Court judge will then render his or her decision, most likely issuing a final judgement of divorce on the spot. It is unusual for judges to find issues with divorce paperwork after working with a qualified Monmouth County divorce attorney.

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