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Alimony Enforcement Attorneys Ocean and Monmouth County NJMany divorce settlement agreements contain terms for financial support including alimony and child support. Unfortunately, at times these terms are not upheld and that financial support is late or may never come at all. In these situations, it may be necessary to seek legal help to enforce your existing agreement, modify your agreement, or in some cases terminate the alimony agreement entirely. It is important to understand that even if an agreement is no longer tenable, it is always the responsibility of the payor to make alimony payments while the agreement exists. If your spouse is failing to make required alimony payments, an experienced and qualified alimony attorney may be able to help you recover the financial support to which you are entitled.

At The Bronzino Law Firm, our alimony enforcement attorneys are proud to serve clients across Ocean County and Monmouth County towns such as Neptune, Asbury Park, Wall, Toms River, Brick, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, and across Central New Jersey. Our firm believes in resolving legal disputes amicably outside of the courtroom when possible, but are well equipped for formal litigation when necessary. We have kept our firm small with the intention of providing focused and high quality legal services to our family law and divorce clients while charging fair and reasonable rates.

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Wall, NJ Alimony Lawyer Helps Clients Enforce Alimony Agreements

In the vast majority of cases, alimony agreements are part of a larger divorce settlement agreement. Settlement agreements in New Jersey are considered formal court orders as they are reviewed and approved by Family Court Judges. Therefore, our Wall, NJ alimony lawyers will strive to show that a failure to pay alimony may be considered acting in contempt of court. When an individual is found to be in contempt of court, they may be ordered to correct their actions (in this case failure to make alimony payments) and may be subject to additional penalties.

Of course, there are many reasons why an individual may not be making alimony payments. It is recommended that before taking formal legal action, you contact your former spouse to inquire about what the issue might be. In some cases, this action alone may cause the alimony payor to make the necessary payments and resolve the issue. If this step fails, our alimony lawyers can get involved and take formal legal action by filing a formal motion to enforce your alimony agreement.

Toms River Alimony Modification Attorneys

In some cases, former spouses are not making alimony payments due to financial hardships or other legitimate reasons. These situations may call for a reasonable modification of your existing agreement to accommodate changes in circumstance to one or both parties. At a high level, our Toms River alimony modification attorney helps clients understand the modification process with the following concepts:

  • You may modify your alimony agreement without litigation. Many former spouses are able to agree to changing their alimony agreement outside of court with the help of an alimony attorney
  • Modifications are based on “substantial changes in circumstance”, which often change the financial standing of one or both parties such as changes in employment, illness, financial gains or losses, retirement, becoming remarried, and more
  • Modifying an agreement does not excuse missing payments, which must be paid until such time as a modification or termination takes effect
  • Changes in circumstance may be sufficient to terminate alimony agreements in some cases

Modifications can often benefit both parties as they may make it financially feasible for an alimony agreement to continue. However, it is important to remember that failure to make alimony payments is not in and of itself a reason to seek modification. On the flip side, alimony payees should not feel pressured into modifying their agreement due to lack of payment. Work with a qualified Toms River alimony attorney to protect your legal rights during the enforcement or modification process.

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