Divorce is rarely easy, despite the trend of divorce selfies making it seem like everyone is happy with their former spouse upon the occasion of the termination of a marriage, but when there are children involved, there are many more emotional upheavals. In many cases, it is advisable to get emotional support for the children by enlisting the aid of a therapist. A recent study out of Norway suggests that this may be good for the physical health of the child, as well as his or her emotional needs.

Although their needs to be more research on the subject, the preliminary results indicate that children whose parents have divorced have a greater likelihood of being overweight. The study highlighted a couple of reasons for this trend, including emotional eating caused by the stress of the divorce, a change in diets brought about by financial strain and less free time, and less physical activity.

The Norway study published in the online journal BMJ Open examined more than 3,000 boys and girls in third-grade and discovered that boys seemed to me impacted at a higher level by the divorce of parents. A boy whose parents were divorced was 63 percent more likely to be overweight than a boy whose parents were still married. When examining abdominal obesity, it was discovered that boys with divorced parents were 104 percent more likely to fall within this classification than boys with married parents. The researchers were clear that this was more of a snapshot of the data and there had to be further examination in order to arrive at more conclusive findings.

There are ways to limit the impact that divorce has on the mental and physical well being of children. It is especially helpful if the parents are able to engage in a collaborative process to minimize changes to the child’s routine. In addition, there should be open communication with the children, as well as with the children’s pediatrician. It may be necessary to enlist the assistance of a therapist or nutritionist to respond to issues as they arise. Working with the child, rather than imposing a plan on the child that he or she did not help to develop, can avoid conflict.

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