Reunification Therapy Working With Families After Divorce in Ocean County, NJ

May 31, 2022

NJ Family Court Ordered Reunification Therapy

Building Bridges between Parents & Parents and Children Family Reunification Therapy is a Court-Ordered Intervention That Demands Family Members’ Commitment. Divorce can put a family on its head, especially when it comes to children. Frequently the non-custodial parent feels excluded as the children don’t want to visit or stay with them according to the family

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Perils of Representing Yourself in NJ Divorce

May 19, 2022

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in Divorce

It May Not Be a Good Idea Opting for a “Do It Yourself” Divorce It’s Highly Recommended to Walk into Court with an Experienced Family Lawyer by Your Side You and your spouse have talked things over and agreed that an amicable, quick divorce is best for the family.  Your spouse has chosen a lawyer,

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Open Durational Alimony Lawyers in Monmouth County, NJ

May 15, 2022

Analyzing Open Durational Alimony as an Option in New Jersey

Married for More Than 20 Years? This Type of Alimony May Apply to You New Jersey replaced permanent alimony with open durational alimony, which can last for different periods of time depending on the specific case. Alimony refers to payments of support made by one spouse to another by court order following a divorce or

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Tasks of a Guardian ad Litem in Ocean County, NJ

May 7, 2022

Guardian ad Litem Intervention in NJ Custody Battles

What to Know about Guardians ad Litem (GAL) The best interest of the child is the supreme goal of a Guardian ad Litem, called upon in family law cases where custody and visitation issues exist. In divorces, custody battles, and child protective services cases, decisions rest on the best interests of each child. Best interests

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How to Create Proper Conditions for a Second Home After Divorce

March 11, 2022

Helping a Child Transition to a Second Home After Divorce

Family Lawyers Discuss Steps to Secure Your Child’s Best Interest When Transitioning to a Second Home After Divorce in Middletown, NJ A Child Calling Two Places Home? It’s Possible. Here’s How. The transition for a child from a two-parent home to two one-parent homes can, understandably, be difficult and emotional for a child. In addition

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Handling Parental Kidnapping in Ocean County, NJ

February 10, 2022

Facing Parental Kidnapping in New Jersey

Learn How to Deal with Criminal Interference in Child Custody Cases in NJ Abduction of children by their non-custodial parent is happening with more frequency in the United States. In fact, authorities find that more than 90% of child abductions are the deed of one of the parents. One reason for the increase is that

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Immigration Status in New Jersey: How Divorce Can Affect It

December 11, 2021

The Influence of Divorce on Immigration Status in New Jersey

Family Law Attorneys Advising on the Potential Impacts of Divorce on Immigration Status What happens when a couple divorces before the immigrant spouse has reached U.S. citizenship status in New Jersey? The path to citizenship in the United States is a long and extensive one. Many couples undergo years of legal process to obtain one

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Car Insurance for Young Drivers After Divorce

October 31, 2021

Car Insurance for Young Drivers After Divorce

Divorce Attorneys Providing Assistance with Automobile Insurance Concerns for Children after Divorce in Brick, NJ One particular issue has plagued many divorced parents long past their divorce when their children reach driving age: car insurance for their young driver. Who pays? There is a multitude of issues and potential challenges that need to be addressed

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How Does Child Support Get Paid If My Ex Goes to Jail?

September 27, 2021

How Does Child Support Get Paid If My Ex Goes to Jail?

NJ Child Support Attorneys Advising on the Options if your Ex can’t Pay because they are Incarcerated All children in New Jersey have the right to their parent’s financial support. If one parent pays child support to the other parent, that money is for the children’s health, welfare, and maintenance. The amount of support a

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