What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of divorce or separated parents during COVID-19?

October 22, 2020

How to navigate a separation or divorce with children during COVID-19?

Healthy Co-parenting During the Pandemic with Sea Girt & Brick Family Attorneys Learn some tips on how to navigate co-parenting in 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the year 2020 has caused many hardships; it has been a devastatingly unstable, unsafe, and paradigm-shifting year for millions of families worldwide. While the Coronavirus has touched nearly

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Co-parenting and Custody issues in Pandemic Times in Ocean and Monmouth County NJ

June 29, 2020

COVID-19 Co-Parenting Crisis Planning

COVID-19 Co-Parenting Crisis Planning: Name a Temporary Guardian & Have a Child Power of Attorney It could be that up till the COVID-19 pandemic, the relationship between the co-parents was amicable and not a high-conflict custody matter. With no clear end to the current COVID-19 lockdown in New Jersey, many grandparents or co-parents who have

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Child Custody Agreements During the Corona Virus in Monmouth County NJ

June 20, 2020

Does Covid-19 Affect my Custody Agreement?

Child Custody and Parenting Time Agreements During the Corona Virus in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ Experienced Family Law Attorney Providing Advice on Child Custody Agreements Issues during this difficult time in towns including Wall, Sea Girt, Brick, Toms River, and across the Jersey Shore The Covid-19 pandemic has turned personal and collective systems upside

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Parental Alienation Attorney Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

June 10, 2020

Parental Alienation: How it can affect child support and college payment

Parental Alienation Impacts Child Support and College Payment Monmouth and Ocean County NJ Today, we’re going to focus on alienation as it specifically affects a divorced parent’s legal responsibility to help their child pay for college expenses. During this groundbreaking time of the Coronavirus pandemic, co-parents everywhere are navigating new challenges to parenting time agreements

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Parenting Time Attorneys During the Corona Virus in Monmouth County NJ

April 15, 2020

Corona Virus Impacts Coparenting and Parenting Time Agreements

Parenting Time Attorneys During the Corona Virus in Monmouth County NJ Assisting co-parents during this difficult time riddled with uncertainty in towns including Wall, Seagirt, Brick, Toms River and across the Jersey Shore The coronavirus has wrought havoc on the whole world. People are losing their lives by the thousands, and worldwide, leaders are ordering

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