Important Information to Know About the Closing Expenses in a Real Estate Transaction in NJ

July 23, 2022

Closing Fees Involved When Selling a Home in New Jersey

Don’t Think It’s Over! A Seller’s Closing Costs May Still Be Waiting to Close the Deal Your Real Estate Transaction is Almost Done, but You Should be Aware of these Sneaky Closing Costs and Fees in New Jersey When selling a home in New Jersey, it’s tempting to think that the only expenses will include

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The Time Clock for Attorney Review in NJ Real Estate Purchases

July 12, 2022

Time Frame for the Attorney Review Period in New Jersey

When the Attorney Review Period Starts and Ends for NJ Buyers and Sellers The Three-Day Attorney Review Period may Deviate from the Standard Number of Days due to Several Occurrences in the Purchasing Process. You have found your dream home in a fabulous neighborhood, close to schools and shopping. Perhaps you’re selling your home and

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Why would a mortgage holder agree to wave thousands of dollars of debt instead of foreclosing on the house?

November 6, 2020

What is a short sale?

Short Sales vs Foreclosures Monmouth and Ocean County Real Estate Attorneys Throughout the ups and downs of the economic and real estate markets in the United States, many people have had to sell their homes due to financial distress. One big burst of such sales happened between 2007-2009 during the Great Recession, and a resurgence

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How Can I Reach A Lawyer in New Jersey if I Can’t Leave the House?

March 27, 2020

How Can I Reach A Lawyer in New Jersey if I Can’t Leave the House?

Brick and Sea Girt Attorneys Offer Virtual Consultations to Serve Clients We leverage technology to meet the needs of our clients, by providing dynamic, client-focused representation in Family Law matters As the world comes to terms with the spread of the coronavirus, countless New Jersey citizens asked to practice “social-distancing” and “shelter in place” are

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Real Estate: The Attorney Review

September 20, 2019

Real Estate: The Attorney Review Process

Real Estate Attorney Review Process Ocean and Monmouth County NJ Real Estate Attorney educating about the attorney review process in Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Ocean Township, Red Bank and across the Jersey Shore Standard Realtor’s Contract in NJ Most people use a realtor when they are buying and selling their home, and a very familiar

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February 6, 2019

Home Inspection Process

Home Inspection Process in Ocean County NJ It is advisable when buying a piece of real estate, that you consult with an experienced attorney that can effectively represent your interests and walk with you in those important moments, every step of the way: Attorney Review Home Inspection Mortgage Contingency Transfer of Funds Closing For many,

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