Qualified Family Lawyers Preparing Couples on Early Settlement Panel Related Issues in NJ

March 19, 2022

Benefits of the Early Settlement Panel in New Jersey

Discuss with Our Family Lawyers the Advantages of the Early Settlement Panel in a Divorce Process in NJ Learn how an Early Settlement Panel can be a helpful tool for mediating a divorce in New Jersey. The process of divorce in New Jersey is a taxing one. Couples who have a respectful relationship with one

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Managing the Impact of Household Expenses in Toms River, New Jersey

February 14, 2022

How Do Household Expenses Impact Divorce Issues in NJ?

The Costs of Running the Household as a Factor in Your New Jersey Divorce There are Several Financial Ramifications to Consider Once the Divorce is Underway, Housing Related-Expenses being One Getting a divorce is costly, but living as a divorced person can be even more so. Expenses double when needing to provide for two households.

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Managing Inheritance Concepts in the Middle of a Divorce Process in Ocean County NJ

February 7, 2022

Handling Inheritance in a Divorce Process in New Jersey

Managing Spousal Inheritance Concepts in the Divorce Process in NJ Divorce can be a difficult time for anyone since it involves the dissolution of a marriage and a major life change for everyone involved. Something similar can be said about the loss of a loved one, which can also have a profound effect on those

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Divorce and Stay-at-Home Spouses in NJ

January 16, 2022

Handling the Divorce Process as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Considerations for Long-term Homemakers Getting Divorced in New Jersey Divorce for a stay at home mom or dad has particular aspects and questions, for which the counsel of an experienced Divorce Lawyer comes in very handy. Being a stay-at-home parent is no easy task. Many have renamed the job title as a domestic engineer, and

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How Health Insurance is Handled During Divorce?

December 27, 2021

How Health Insurance is Handled During Divorce

What Happens to Health Insurance when You get Divorced in New Jersey? According to New Jersey law, one spouse cannot remove health insurance coverage during the divorce process; however, things can change once the divorce is final. With divorce comes many changes.  Filing for divorce is a stressful and sometimes confusing process that infrequently is

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Immigration Status in New Jersey: How Divorce Can Affect It

December 11, 2021

The Influence of Divorce on Immigration Status in New Jersey

Family Law Attorneys Advising on the Potential Impacts of Divorce on Immigration Status What happens when a couple divorces before the immigrant spouse has reached U.S. citizenship status in New Jersey? The path to citizenship in the United States is a long and extensive one. Many couples undergo years of legal process to obtain one

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Gray Divorce and the Silver Splitter: Divorce at Midlife and Beyond in NJ

March 22, 2021

Gray Divorce and the Silver Splitter: Divorce at Midlife and Beyond in NJ

Gray Divorce: How to Survive a Divorce Later in Life or After a Long-term Marriage According to the National Center for Family and Research (NCFMR), the divorce rate among “baby boomers,” or people in their 50s or 60’s, has more than doubled since 1990. This increasing trend of late-in-life divorces, often referred to as “gray

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Securing a Fair Distribution vs Equitable Distribution

March 15, 2021

Securing a Fair Distribution vs Equitable Distribution

Divorce and Asset Distribution Attorneys in Ocean and Monmouth County Serving Brick, Sea Girt, Toms River, and Wall Township and across the Monmouth and Ocean County area. The cost of a divorce process is a common concern expressed by people who want to file for divorce and want to know the financial benefits and consequences

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