March 31, 2021

Common Misconceptions about Divorce in New Jersey

Misconceptions about the Divorce Process Ocean and Monmouth County NJ Providing support and counsel to those considering divorce in Sea Girt, Brick, Wall, Seaside Heights, Toms River, and across the Jersey Shore Getting a divorce in New Jersey, or any state is not exactly a straightforward process for most couples. Having a skilled and experienced

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Refusing Overtime Implies Underemployment when it comes to calculating Child Support? 

September 17, 2020

Refusing Overtime, Underemployment, and Child Support

Does Refusing Overtime Imply Underemployment when calculating Child Support? With experience handling child support-related issues at Bronzino Law, we understand that each client is different and requires a specific plan of action suited to their own individual needs. Whenever parents of children divorce or dissolve their legal relationship, one of the most important issues to be

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Co-Parenting and DivorceAttorney Discuss the Effects of Quarantine in Divorced Couples 

August 26, 2020


The Effects of Quarantine on Divorced Couples discussed by Brick Family Lawyers For families, whose co-parenting and custody arrangements were already a touchy subject, COVID-19 may be amplifying conflicts and creating new ones. For separated or divorced families, co-parenting can be stressful even in good times. During the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, families are discovering

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Parental Alienation Attorney Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

June 10, 2020

Parental Alienation: How it can affect child support and college payment

Parental Alienation Impacts Child Support and College Payment Monmouth and Ocean County NJ Today, we’re going to focus on alienation as it specifically affects a divorced parent’s legal responsibility to help their child pay for college expenses. During this groundbreaking time of the Coronavirus pandemic, co-parents everywhere are navigating new challenges to parenting time agreements

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June 2, 2020

Divorce Strategy Tips: Time-Saving Secrets if You Want a NJ Divorce

Saving Time in your Monmouth and Ocean County Divorce Attorney Peter Bronzio, Esquire has been helping clients and their families in and across Monmouth County to reach effective resolutions in divorce proceedings. From filing to final decree, the average divorce in New Jersey takes about 12 months. As a complicated life-altering legal matter that can

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Life After Divorce: How to Move Forward with Clarity

March 20, 2020

Life After Divorce: How to Move Forward with Clarity

Life After Divorce: Tips from Monmouth and Ocean County Family Lawyers Divorce Attorneys Guiding Clients through the Post Divorce Process in Brick, Sea Girt, Wall, Toms River and across the Jersey Shore Divorce is an emotionally, mentally, and financially stressful time that can wreak havoc on the life of you and your family. Heart-wrenching considerations

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