Amicable Co-Parenting Relationships in NJ

March 31, 2022

Creating Your Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship

You Were Partners in Life, Can You be Partners in Parenting? Co-parenting isn’t about you and your former partner; it is about creating the best atmosphere possible for the health and well-being of the children you share. Consider these things when seeking to create your mutually beneficial parental partnership in New Jersey. If 50% of

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How to Deal Simultaneously with Bankruptcy & Divorce in NJ

March 23, 2022

What Should Be Filed First, Bankruptcy or Divorce?

Experienced Lawyers will Provide Advice when Juggling Divorce and  Bankruptcy in New Jersey Filing for Divorce and Bankruptcy plus deciding which one comes first. Divorce is the cause of financial ruin for many couples, and inversely economic issues are one of the leading causes for divorce. We mismanage our money as couples because we were

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Qualified Family Lawyers Preparing Couples on Early Settlement Panel Related Issues in NJ

March 19, 2022

Benefits of the Early Settlement Panel in New Jersey

Discuss with Our Family Lawyers the Advantages of the Early Settlement Panel in a Divorce Process in NJ Learn how an Early Settlement Panel can be a helpful tool for mediating a divorce in New Jersey. The process of divorce in New Jersey is a taxing one. Couples who have a respectful relationship with one

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How Health Insurance is Handled During Divorce?

December 27, 2021

How Health Insurance is Handled During Divorce

What Happens to Health Insurance when You get Divorced in New Jersey? According to New Jersey law, one spouse cannot remove health insurance coverage during the divorce process; however, things can change once the divorce is final. With divorce comes many changes.  Filing for divorce is a stressful and sometimes confusing process that infrequently is

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Handling Divorce and Chronic Illness in New Jersey

October 12, 2021

Handling Divorce and Chronic Illness in New Jersey

Relevant things to consider when dealing with a Chronic Illness in the Middle of a Divorce in Monmouth & Ocean County Divorce is already a complex process, and combined with chronic disease, it requires the help of a seasoned attorney. On your wedding day, you vow, “in sickness and in health,” meaning it wholeheartedly and

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January 6, 2020

What Happens to Debt in My Divorce?

What happens to debt in Monmouth and Ocean County Divorce Cases? Helping clients facing debt in divorce across the Jersey Shore in Wall, Brick, Sea Girt, Manasquan, and Toms River As more and more Americans use debt to pay for their expenses both large and small, the question of “what happens to debt during divorce?”

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Premarital Agreement in Ocean and Monmouth County

October 30, 2019

FAQs and “Need-to-knows” About Prenuptial Agreements

Premarital Agreement Attorneys in Ocean and Monmouth County Serving Clients in towns including Asbury Park, Wall, Toms River, Brick, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Neptune, Spring Lake, Brielle, and more Before a couple marries, they have the option of signing a premarital agreement, which is a written contract that explains each party’s rights and obligations in the

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January 27, 2019

Marital Lifestyle and Income Impact Alimony

How Lifestyle and Income Impact Monmouth County Alimony Settlements Divorce represents a difficult, trying, and in some cases messy process to litigants on both sides and can even impact close family members in similar ways. Many issues can and will arise throughout the litigation process, especially the pursuit of equitable distribution which is often hard fought by both spouses.

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