August 7, 2019

How Child Support is Calculated in New Jersey?

Ocean County NJ Child Support Attorneys Providing Child Support Calculation counsel in Sea Girt, Brick, Wall, Seaside Heights, Toms River and across the Jersey Shore As opposed to alimony, which is depending on the variety of factors as well as the judge’s feel of the case, New Jersey child support is based on a calculation.

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April 26, 2019

Child Support Payments: Expenses vs Extracurricular Activities (Part 2)

What Makes Up a Child Support Payment in NJ? Expenses vs Extracurricular Activities As the second article in our two-part child support series, we will breakdown child support payments into two categories: expenses and extracurricular activities. The expenses included in Appendix IX-F child support schedules are considered the basics and are determined by averages of

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