Ensure Your Future Stability by Understanding New Jersey's Child Support Calculations With the Help of Our Bay Head Attorneys

April 4, 2024

Examining New Jersey’s Child Support Model vs. Other States

Charting New Jersey’s Child Support Policies States Set Different Formulas to Calculate Child Support for Their Residents. Find Out How Payments are Determined in the Garden State versus Others Across the Country. Child support is the amount a parent pays to contribute to a minor child’s expenses until adulthood. It is an amount a family

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The Attorneys at Our Firm Explain the Implications of Unfulfilled Child Support Obligations Regardless of Having Visitation Rights in NJ

March 8, 2024

New Jersey Child Support: Obligation Even Without Visitation?

Understanding Financial Responsibilities Regardless of Visitation Rights in NJ When a couple divorces and has a child, a decision must be made regarding the number of visits and the length allocated to the non-custodial parent. For most couples, this is an emotionally charged issue and is frequently the most challenging obstacle divorcing parents face. The

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Experienced Legal Counsel Empowering Custodial Parents with Information Regarding Child Support Payments in Monmouth County, NJ

January 11, 2024

Does the Payer Get to Decide what Child Support Covers?

Contentious Disputes Over where Child Support Amounts are Being Spent in NJ Child Support Conflicts Often Occur When Payers and their Exes Disagree About What is Being Used to Cover Their Children’s Needs. Child support is one of the more contentious items to resolve in a divorce. The amount of support is often disputed as

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Our Team of Custody Support Will Assist You in Protecting Your Rights in Ocean County.

December 20, 2023

Passport Denial for Late Child Support Payments

Passport Denial Due to Child Support Issues in NJ Learn About the Passport Denial Programs for Overdue Child Support Debt in New Jersey Every child has the right to receive financial support from their non-custodial parent to help cultivate their well-being. Food, housing, education, and medical expenses add up, and the New Jersey and federal

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Critical Information You Need to Know Before Suspending Child Support Payments Once Realizing You Have Paid for a Child That is Not Yours in New Jersey

August 5, 2023

What are My Options If I Paid Child Support for Non-Biological Child?

Child Support and Legal Options when You’ve Been Supporting a Child that Isn’t Biologically Yours in New Jersey Addressing Current and Former Child Support Payments After Finding Out You are not the Biological Parent Finding out that a child you have cared about, supported financially, and perhaps even raised is not, in fact, your biological

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Experienced Family Attorneys Providing Support for Wage Garnishment in Ocean County, New Jersey

May 24, 2023

Diving Deep into Wage Garnishment Policies for NJ Child Support Payments

Wage Garnishment Regulations for Child Support Payments in NJ New Jersey Law Outlines the Process for Requesting or Objecting to Wage Garnishment for Delayed or Unpaid Child Support. Once a court has entered a judgment against someone who owes money, the court may order that a certain amount of that person’s salary be deducted automatically

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Seasoned Divorce Attorneys Providing Advice to Parents Paying Child Support to College Students in Ocean County, NJ

May 20, 2023

Are College Reports Mandatory for Parents Paying Child Support in New Jersey?

Options for Parents Requesting Academic Records when Paying Child Support for College-Age Children in NJ Discover the Rights Parents Have When Paying Child Support for College Students in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ Children of divorce go through just as tough of a time as their parents do. Typical divorces are long, drawn-out, and contentious

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Explore the Options to Request a Modification in Alimony Payments After Losing Your Jo in Monmouth County, NJ

April 24, 2023

Options to Manage Alimony Obligations After a Job Loss

Requesting a Modification of Alimony Due to Job Loss in NJ When and How a Payor can Request a Modification of Spousal Support after Losing a Job in New Jersey When a couple gets divorced, one of the factors that comes into play is how each spouse will maintain a comparable standard of living after

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Drafting a Clear Child Support Payment Plan is the Best Ally When Using a Joint Bank Account

April 8, 2023

Is a Joint Bank Account a Good Idea for Child Support Purposes?

As Long as Expectations are Clearly Outlined in an Enforceable Document, Using Joint Bank Account for Child Support Payment may be a Viable Option in Wall, Point Pleasant, Jackson, Tinton Falls, and surrounding communities in NJ A joint bank account is an ownership arrangement wherein two or more people collectively manage one bank account. Each

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Implications of Child Custody in Tax Returns in Ocean County, NJ

December 19, 2022

Tax Return Issues with Shared Custody in New Jersey

Managing Taxes While Sharing Custody in New Jersey If you share custody with your ex, you should be aware of all of the ways this can change your tax status and make sure to reach an agreement with the financial implications in mind. Filing your taxes is stressful enough under normal circumstances, but after a

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