Phases of a New Jersey Municipal Court Case

June 9, 2024

How Cases Are Handled in New Jersey Municipal Courts

If you’re facing a municipal court case in New Jersey, especially if it’s your first experience, you might be worried or uncertain about what to anticipate and the best way to ready yourself so that you can present your case effectively. New Jersey’s municipal courts handle a variety of different types of cases from minor

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Types of Cases Regularly Managed in Ocean County Municipal Court

September 16, 2022

Top 4 Types of Cases Handled in NJ Municipal Courts

New Jersey’s Municipal Courts Frequently Deal with Some Main Kinds of Cases What is Heard and Decided in Municipal Courts in Howell, Rumson, Berkeley, Wall, Toms River, Lakewood, Jackson, and other areas  In these courts, most residents encounter their first interaction with the NJ judicial system as defendants, witnesses, and sometimes as victims. In a

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