Kinship Legal Guardianship Process in NJ

January 8, 2022

Understanding Kinship Legal Guardianship in NJ

Navigate the Process of Becoming a Kinship Guardian in Ocean County NJ Becoming a kinship guardian can mark one of the most beautiful opportunities in your life. Nonetheless, these miraculous and life-changing opportunities can become complicated, confused, and a source of legal troubles. Adoption and parenthood can present a multitude of challenges, requiring extensive legal

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Legal Guardianship for Adults with Disabilities

November 4, 2021

Legal Guardianship for Adult Children with Disabilities

Guardianship Attorneys in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ You raised your child with a cognitive disability all their life, and now, at age 18, the law considers your child an adult. While they are legally an adult, they are unable to make adult decisions and live independently. Like many disabled adults, your child cannot open

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