Our Estate Attorneys Explain the Requirements of a Good Executor for Your Will in NJ

September 20, 2023

Good Advice to Designate the Appropriate Executor for Your Will

Must-Read Information to Select the Right Executor for Your Will in New Jersey Selecting an Effective Executor Will Help Ensure That Your Last Desires for the Disposal Of Your Property, Guardianship of Minors, and Other Estate Stipulations Are Followed Accordingly Estate planning, specifically executing a will, involves a lot of decisions. The biggest decision in

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Estate Planning Attorneys Handling the Specifics of a Estate Planning for Blended Families in Monmouth County, NJ

August 30, 2023

Estate Planning Challenges for Today’s Blended Families

Specific Estate Planning Concerns for Blended Families in NJ Certain Aspects of Estate Planning for Blended Families Require Special Attention to Avoid Affecting Any Of the Family Members Blended families are now a commonality in New Jersey. A family is considered blended when at least one of the spouses has children from a previous marriage

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The Estate Attorneys at Our Firm Explain the Steps to Draft a Will Facing a Dementia Diagnosis in New Jersey

July 30, 2023

A Guide to Early Estate Preparation in the Light of a Dementia Diagnosis

Essential Information to Timely Draft Your Estate Planning Documents after Being Diagnosed with Dementia in New Jersey Organizing Your Estate Is One of The Most Crucial Things You Can Do Following a Dementia Diagnosis Immediately following a dementia diagnosis, many patients and their loved ones often feel that they have more questions than answers. How

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Required Information to Remove an Executor of an Estate in New Jersey

March 4, 2023

The Process to Remove the Executor of an Estate in New Jersey

Removing an Executor of an Estate? Here’s How in NJ Executors can be removed by the beneficiaries for a number of reasons if the beneficiaries wish, but the process and considerations in New Jersey are important to know. An estate is the compilation of property, both real and personal, that you have acquired throughout the

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The Value of a Trust Account in Divorce Proceedings in New Jersey

January 27, 2023

Trust Funds and Asset Division

Terms of a Trust & Implications for Divorce Distribution Family Lawyers Working on High-Asset Divorce Matters Must Navigate A Number Of Challenging Legal And Factual Issues, Particularly When One of The Parties is a Trust Beneficiary. A trust is an estate planning tool that individuals may use to control where their assets can be distributed

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Key Considerations to Make a Smart Choice Regarding Trusts in Ocean County, NJ

January 8, 2023

Must-Read Information Before Deciding on a Type of Trust in NJ

Selecting the Trust That Best Meets Your Objectives in NJ It is Important To Make an Informed Choice About Which Type Of Trust Best Achieves Your Goals From the Variety of Possibilities Available Estate planning is a fundamental aspect of financial planning that ensures your assets are managed and distributed according to your set particularities

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Implications of Advance Directives in Monmouth County, NJ

December 8, 2022

Getting Familiar With Advance Directives in New Jersey

Fundamentals of Advance Directives in Ocean County, NJ As a Legal Document, You Need to be Fully Aware of the Facts about Advance Directives in NJ Most of us do not consider a time in our future where we may lack the ability to make important medical decisions for ourselves, but this reality may be

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All About the Implications of a Do Not Resuscitate Order in Monmouth County, NJ

November 30, 2022

Do Not Resuscitate Order Implications in New Jersey

Is It Advisable to Include a Do Not Resuscitate Order in Your Estate Plan? Learn About the Importance of a Healthcare Directive with an Experienced Estate Plan Attorney No one enjoys talking about their mortality, much less the medical circumstances surrounding one’s passing.  Many people wonder if they should include a DNR or health instructions

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Things to Check on Your Estate Planning Before a Second Marriage in NJ

October 8, 2022

Estate Planning Considerations Before Remarrying in NJ

Key Things to Think About in Estate Planning if You are Getting Married a Second Time Explore the Impacts of Your Second Marriage on your Estate Planning in New Jersey Few couples enjoy talking about money, but before you get remarried, it is something that must be done.  You want to make sure that everyone

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What Happens when Probating a Will in NJ

July 16, 2022

Step by Step of the Probate Process in New Jersey

Comprehensive Roadmap to Probate a Will in New Jersey An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You Deal with the Probate Process After a Loved One’s Passing When a loved one passes, your life can turn upside down. Amidst the grief, you must take care of the paperwork, collect your loved one’s possessions and attend

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