The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Mediation

December 12, 2019

The Psychology of Mediation

Monmouth County Mediation Attorneys Focused on Healthy Families and Healthy Futures Brick and Sea Girt Divorce and Mediation Lawyer Guides You Step by Step throughout the entire process Mediation is a process designed to help parties reach an amicable agreement by way of compromise.  Its benefits are clear as it helps to avoid the fighting

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The Healing and Strategic Power of Mediation During a Divorce

December 9, 2019

The Power of Mediation in a Divorce Process – Even if you don’t settle

Sea Girt Mediation Attorneys Discuss the Value of the Process No Matter the Outcome Family Law Attorneys and Mediation Attorneys Helping Clients in towns throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties During a divorce, tensions are very often high. The emotional tensions that often run between partners and the pure logistics of potential settlement, including all related

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