Make Sure You Discipline Your Children Avoiding Charges for Child Abuse in Ocean County, NJ

March 29, 2023

Recognizing the Fine Border Between Discipline and Abuse in NJ

Legal Considerations for Parenting Discipline in New Jersey Know How to Legally Discipline your Child, Minimizing the Risk of Being Falsely Accused of Abuse Much has been said in recent years about how to discipline children effectively without hurting them physically, emotionally, mentally, or psychologically.  Being a parent is a complicated, anxiety-provoking endeavor.  Children aren’t

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Family Lawyers Addressing Teen Parents and Custody Matters in Monmouth County, NJ

March 27, 2023

Implications for Teenage Parents in Child Custody Cases in NJ

Despite Their Underage Condition, Minor Parents Still Need to Go Over Custody, Support, and Paternity Issues in Monmouth County Towns Teen parents are still parents. As such, they have the same responsibilities to care for the well-being of their child as parents who are of age. If you or your child is a teen parent

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Explore with Our Attorneys how the Tender Years Doctrine has Evolved adapting to Today´s Circumstances in Ocean County, NJ

March 19, 2023

Child Custody Through the Lens of the Tender Years Doctrine in NJ

The Tender Years Doctrine in Child Custody Cases Today Learn About the Evolution of the Tender Years Doctrine Over the Years and How it is Applied in Child Custody Cases Nowadays in New Jersey Throughout United States history, the rights of fathers and mothers when it comes to child custody have shifted. Originally, fathers were

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Managing Forensic Child Custody Evaluation in Monmouth County New Jersey

February 18, 2023

Defining a Forensic Custody Evaluation in New Jersey

A to Z of a Forensic Child Custody Evaluation in NJ Forensic Child Custody Evaluations can be a Useful Tool in Complex Cases before New Jersey Family Courts A forensic mental health evaluation is an evaluation used by the New Jersey Family judges in difficult, complicated matters involving the emotional dynamics of both the children

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Explore the Possible Scenarios of Adding First Refusal to Your Custody Agreement in New Jersey

January 19, 2023

Comprehending the Right of First Refusal in New Jersey

The Option of Including the Right of First Refusal in Your NJ Custody Agreement Parenting Plans Frequently Incorporate The Right of First Refusal to Guarantee That Both Parents Have The Opportunity to Spend Time With Their Child. Divorce is unpleasant at best and insufferable at worst.  Two people who no longer want to be together

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Managing an Effective Parenting Plan for the Holidays in Monmouth County, NJ

December 23, 2022

Co-Parenting Strategies to Navigate the Holidays in NJ

Strategize for Stress-Free Co-Parenting During the NJ Holiday Season Practical Steps for Divorced Couples Navigating Holiday Co-Parenting in Red Bank, Manchester, Lacey, Toms River, and Berkeley Township Holidays are not always full of cheer for some, especially for separated or divorced families. Often spouses divorce due to communication failure and insurmountable differences. The holidays can

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Implications of Child Custody in Tax Returns in Ocean County, NJ

December 19, 2022

Tax Return Issues with Shared Custody in New Jersey

Managing Taxes While Sharing Custody in New Jersey If you share custody with your ex, you should be aware of all of the ways this can change your tax status and make sure to reach an agreement with the financial implications in mind. Filing your taxes is stressful enough under normal circumstances, but after a

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Explore the Possible Alternatives when a Custodial Parent Dies in Ocean County, NJ

December 16, 2022

Legal Options Following the Death of the Custodial Parent in NJ

What Comes after the Death of a Custodial Parent in New Jersey? Explore the Possible Alternatives for Children and Their Relatives When the Custodial Parent Dies in Freehold, Jackson, Point Pleasant, Toms River, and other Ocean and Monmouth County towns The death of a parent is an unimaginable tragedy for a minor child, especially when

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Requesting a Full Custody Modification in Monmouth County, NJ

November 18, 2022

Basics to File for Full Custody in New Jersey

Considerations for Requesting Full Custody of Your Child in NJ You Must Have Grounds to Petition the Court for Full Custody in Holmdel, Sea Girt, Brick, and Southern New Jersey In the New Jersey Family Courts, granting joint custody of minor family members is the usual result of a custody agreement, but this is not

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Important Information to Draft a Consent Order in Ocean County, NJ

October 27, 2022

All You Need to Know About Consent Order in NJ

Advantages of Drafting a Collaborative Consent Order in a NJ Custody Case A Case Involving Child Custody may Include a Consent Order as a Crucial Component. Consent agreements and orders are growing in popularity across the State of New Jersey between co-parents trying to establish ground rules and provisions for parenting and custody without leaving

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