Family Lawyers Managing Conflict Deriving From Parents` Disagreement Regarding Medical Decisions in Ocean County, NJ

September 5, 2023

Sorting Out Parental Disagreements on Medical Decisions

Possible Options When Parents Disagree on Medical Decisions for Their Child It’s Essential for Parents to Find A Solution Regarding Medical Decisions That Work for Everyone Involved While Keeping the Child’s Best Interests at the Forefront Going through a divorce with minor children is often a difficult time for everyone involved. When it comes to

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Family Lawyers Handling Supervised Visitation in Monmouth County, NJ

August 13, 2023

Leading Reasons to Request Supervised Visitation

Ensuring the Child’s Best Interest Through Supervised Visitation in New Jersey Supervised Parenting Time, Also Known as Supervised Visitation, Allows Parents to Spend Time with Their Children While Ensuring the Child’s Safety Supervised parenting time or visitation exists to protect children from being alone with one parent who may not be able to properly care

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Dealing with Parenting Issues after Divorce in Monmouth County, NJ

May 13, 2023

Managing Parenting Differences after Divorce

Assertive Communication is One of the Keys to Parenting Issues After Divorce in NJ Co-parenting After Divorce Comes Along With a Series of Queries That Need to be Addressed, Always Seeking the Child’s Best Interest No part of divorce is easy, but when children are involved, the challenges of separating from a spouse are amplified.

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Speak with our attorneys about your options for a successful spring break parenting experience in New Jersey

May 9, 2023

Co-Parenting Communication for a Blooming Spring Break

Tackle Custody/Visitation Issues Before Spring Break Knocks at Your Door in New Jersey You and Your Ex Can Discuss Various Options for a Smooth Spring Break in Sea Bright, Bay Head, Belmar, and Point Pleasant, Neptune, and Across the Jersey Shore The frosty air and chilly rains have given way to springtime sunshine as flowers

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Explore the Options to Handle Custody Differences Regarding School Residency Guidelines in Ocean County, New Jersey

May 5, 2023

Divorce, Child Custody, and School Regulations in NJ

The Importance of Determining Residency for School Purposes The Decision of Residency for Educational Purposes has an Immediate Impact on a Child’s Education. These Determinations Become Particularly Significant and Sometimes, Messy in Divorce and Custody Cases. Life after a divorce may be full of surprises. Though your marital settlement agreement covers everything from child custody

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Make Sure You Discipline Your Children Avoiding Charges for Child Abuse in Ocean County, NJ

March 29, 2023

Recognizing the Fine Border Between Discipline and Abuse in NJ

Legal Considerations for Parenting Discipline in New Jersey Know How to Legally Discipline your Child, Minimizing the Risk of Being Falsely Accused of Abuse Much has been said in recent years about how to discipline children effectively without hurting them physically, emotionally, mentally, or psychologically.  Being a parent is a complicated, anxiety-provoking endeavor.  Children aren’t

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Family Lawyers Addressing Teen Parents and Custody Matters in Monmouth County, NJ

March 27, 2023

Implications for Teenage Parents in Child Custody Cases in NJ

Despite Their Underage Condition, Minor Parents Still Need to Go Over Custody, Support, and Paternity Issues in Monmouth County Towns Teen parents are still parents. As such, they have the same responsibilities to care for the well-being of their child as parents who are of age. If you or your child is a teen parent

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Explore with Our Attorneys how the Tender Years Doctrine has Evolved adapting to Today´s Circumstances in Ocean County, NJ

March 19, 2023

Child Custody Through the Lens of the Tender Years Doctrine in NJ

The Tender Years Doctrine in Child Custody Cases Today Learn About the Evolution of the Tender Years Doctrine Over the Years and How it is Applied in Child Custody Cases Nowadays in New Jersey Throughout United States history, the rights of fathers and mothers when it comes to child custody have shifted. Originally, fathers were

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Managing Forensic Child Custody Evaluation in Monmouth County New Jersey

February 18, 2023

Defining a Forensic Custody Evaluation in New Jersey

A to Z of a Forensic Child Custody Evaluation in NJ Forensic Child Custody Evaluations can be a Useful Tool in Complex Cases before New Jersey Family Courts A forensic mental health evaluation is an evaluation used by the New Jersey Family judges in difficult, complicated matters involving the emotional dynamics of both the children

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Explore the Possible Scenarios of Adding First Refusal to Your Custody Agreement in New Jersey

January 19, 2023

Comprehending the Right of First Refusal in New Jersey

The Option of Including the Right of First Refusal in Your NJ Custody Agreement Parenting Plans Frequently Incorporate The Right of First Refusal to Guarantee That Both Parents Have The Opportunity to Spend Time With Their Child. Divorce is unpleasant at best and insufferable at worst.  Two people who no longer want to be together

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