Helping Monmouth and Ocean County Parents with Shared Custody and Co-parenting Issues

June 5, 2020

Support for Co-Parenting and Shared Custody during COVID-19

Shared Custody and Co-parenting Issues During COVID-19 Pandemic Brick and Sea Girt NJ Monmouth and Ocean County Family Attorney helping clients best to navigate this trying time of raising children with an ex or other co-parent, and keep your family safe The time of the COVID-19 pandemic is an unstable time in our collective history.

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Why same-sex divorce in New Jersey may find additional complications

May 2, 2020

Potential Complications Specific to Same Sex Divorce

Brick and Sea Girt NJ Same-sex Divorce Attorneys Monmouth and Ocean County Divorce Lawyers discuss potential roadblocks that divorcing same-sex spouses may come across Going through a divorce is difficult for anyone involved. It comes with emotional, mental, physical, and financial stress that can turn your world upside down. Often, complicating factors make a divorce

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