“Should I get a divorce?” As a divorce attorney, I am asked this question a lot when people are contemplating whether or not to file for divorce. Quite frankly, I cannot be the one who decides that for you. The decision is extremely personal and will not only affect you and your spouse, but your children as well. I have no idea whether or not your spousal issues can be resolved. However, I will say that if you are sitting in an office meeting with a divorce attorney, chances are that your marriage is close to its end.

The Huffington Post recently featured an interesting article that discussed a few factors to consider whether or not you should be divorced. I often tell people that if their marriage is close to an end, seeking therapy may be a way to help deal with it. But as I have said, it is your decision. If you want to meet with me to discuss your divorce, I will not pressure you to do something you are not ready to do. Only you will know that answer.