The USA Today published an article about the five biggest divorce mistakes financially. I thought it was a good article to be shared with anyone considering a divorce

As the article says, divorces are costly. Lawyers must charge by the hour because of the uncertainty that is involved with a divorce. That means the longer it takes you to resolve your differences, the more the divorce is going to cost you. Point 4 of the Article, title “Payback,” is a big issue. While you may be upset with your spouse, in the long run, it generally does not make sense to fight about things just to fight about them. Ultimately, you will drive up your legal bill, which will take money away from you and your children. 

I always tell my clients that I will fight for them as much and as long as they want, however, they must be mindful of the costs involved in that fight. Thinking about your financial situation in the beginning of a divorce may save you money in the future.