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Business Valuation Attorney Ocean County, NJ

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Business Valuation Attorney Ocean County NJWith offices in Brick, New Jersey, Bronzino Law Firm has extensive experience assisting clients with every aspect of the divorce process, including the equitable distribution of property. Fairly dividing retirement accounts, the marital home and other assets can be difficult enough — but when a family business is at issue, the process becomes extremely complex. A married couple often makes many sacrifices for the family business, and it is difficult to determine the value of each party’s contribution to the business, and the best way to divide that business in an equitable manner.

Our business valuation process involves working closely with out clients to determine which assets are most important to you and what kind of resolution you are hoping to attain, then consulting with financial experts to gain the best possible understanding  of the value for your business and coming to fair resolutions which account for your unique needs when dividing that value.

When business records do not tell the whole story, we are prepared to investigate tax statements and individual accounts to develop a clear, complete picture of what assets are tied up in the business and how they may be divided.

Jackson, NJ Business Division Attorney Protects Your Interests

Whether you have put years of hard work into building your own business, or supported your spouse while he or she developed a business entity, you are entitled to a fair distribution of business assets in divorce. When it comes to valuing the family business, do not let your former spouse, or his or her lawyer, tell you the value of your business. Trust this vital asset to a knowledgeable Ocean County family law attorney with experience in high-asset divorce and business valuation.

Attorney Peter J. Bronzino has worked closely with clients across Brick, Manchester, Toms River, Point Pleasant, Wall, and the surrounding areas to fairly evaluate and divide many complex assets including a family-owned company. His attention to detail and willingness to communicate honestly and regularly with clients allows him to gain the best possible understanding of each unique case, and protect his client’s interests by securing them a fair settlement which includes the portions of the family business most important to them.

Whether you are hoping to keep the business intact and capable of future growth, divide it in such a manner that allows the different portions to succeed individually, or hoping to simply to obtain your fair and equitable portion of the total value of the business itself, we have the unique strategies and understanding of business valuation and division law necessary to securing you the settlement you need and deserve.

Is the Family Business Marital Property?

This is the first question asked when beginning the business valuation process during a divorce, and probably the most important. If the business was started during the marriage, the entire business will be considered marital property, and as such fall under New Jersey equitable distribution laws. If the business was started prior to the marriage, some portion of that business may be considered separate property, and not divisible.

Determining the exact value of any business, and the portion of equity that each party of the divorce has in said business, requires extensive financial investigation into the state of the business, its holdings, tax considerations, and individual contributions to the business by each individual. For these reasons it is important that you retain your own legal representation to ensure that all valuations are accurate and that you receive fair value for your business when it comes to equitable distribution.

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Our smaller size allows us to develop personal and attentive relationships with our clients, while at the same time allowing us to charge fair and reasonable rates. Combined with our extensive experience in all aspects of divorce law including division of assets and business valuation, we are uniquely suited to helping you with any divorce issue you may have.

Serving clients across the Ocean and Monmouth County areas including Toms River, Point Pleasant, Wall, Howell, and Jackson, we are ready to begin discussing your case and needs today. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with our family law team today, please contact us online or through our Brick, NJ office at (732) 812-3102.

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