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Equitable Distribution Lawyer Ocean County, NJ

Helping Clients Across Toms River, Point Pleasant, Jackson, and the greater Ocean County area to favorably and equitably divide marital assets during divorce

Dividing a marriage’s assets is one of the most complex aspects of any divorce. Marital property can include things such as a family home, a family business, investments, retirement funds, and valuable material items such as cars, jewelry, and family heirlooms. Properly valuing these assets, and then dividing them in an equitable manner is a difficult task, and requires experience, strategy, and communication to effectively resolve.

At Bronzino Law Firm, we have invaluable experience helping clients to understand the property at issue, and how to legally secure what is rightfully theirs. By regularly communicating with clients in a straightforward and informative manner, we can establish what marital property is a priority to you, and how to effectively negotiate for that property.

We have extensive experience guiding business owners and their families in matters of equitable distribution. We help clients assess the value of their businesses, distribute business assets fairly and develop strong financial strategies.

Marital Property Division in New Jersey

New Jersey is an “equitable distribution” state, which means that marital property must be divided in a way that is equitable, or fair. However, this does not necessarily mean that assets will be split down the middle; fair does not always mean equal. Proper evaluation of assets plays a large role in this process.

There are 16 criteria that courts evaluate when dividing marital property. Some of those factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Any existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreement regarding property
  • The present value of the property
  • The tax consequences of the proposed distribution to each party
  • The economic status of each party at the time of distribution
  • Either party’s contribution to the education or earning capacity of the other — for example, whether one spouse supported the other through school or relocated for the other’s job

Given the variety of factors involved in matters of equitable distribution, it is essential to seek representation from a lawyer experienced in these matters. If certain property is over/under valued, you may be taken advantage of in your distribution of property agreement. For example, your home may be valued at X dollars, but current real estate trends make it difficult to actually sell the home for that amount until the market turns more in your favor. These are all factors your Ocean County distribution of property attorney will consider, and be able to advise you in such a manner that protects you from “equitable” deals which are not actually fair to you.

What Your Ocean County Divorce Lawyer Can Do for You

Family law attorney Peter J. Bronzino combines a thorough understanding of the law with an understanding of your unique marriage and situation in order to effectively protect your interests and property. For your specific case, our law firm will be able to:

  • Fairly evaluate complex assets such as joint-bank accounts, 401k and pension plans, and business property and real estate holdings
  • Advise you on the long-term risks/benefits of retaining different marital assets
  • Negotiate on your behalf for a settlement that works for you, while protecting you from disadvantageous proposals
  • Arrive at a fair and equitable settlement without over-litigating and over-charging

Your marital property distribution agreement will deeply impact your economic future, do not risk such an important facet of your life by proceeding without an attorney. Contact Bronzino Law Firm to begin ensuring your rights and future are protected.

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The family law firm of Peter J. Bronzino has extensive experience helping clients across Ocean and Monmouth Counties negotiate, draft, and finalize marital property division agreements which is both fair and protects the assets they care most about in divorce. By consulting with qualified and trusted financial experts, we help to properly evaluate complex marital assets, investments, accounts, and debts, thus helping us to draft a settlement which protects our clients’ rights and future.

Our small size allows us to develop personal and attentive relationships with our clients, while at the same time letting us charge fair and reasonable rates for our services. We believe that honest and regular communication with our clients is the best way of ensuring they are informed and involved in the legal process, and that we are negotiating for the things they care most about in their marital property division agreement.

To speak with our family law team in a free and confidential consultation regarding your divorce and any issues or concerns you may have, please contact us online or through our Brick, NJ office at (732) 812-3102 today.

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